MBA student spotlight: Meeghan Sheppard

  • April 25, 2024
  • By WashU Olin Business School
  • 2 minute read

MBA student spotlight: Meeghan Sheppard

My mother and I have a running joke that started when I was young and she was getting her Master’s. She would talk about her lifelong dreams and start every thought with, “Meeghan, when I grow, I want to be …”

I would giggle and inform her she was already grown up, but she pushed back, telling me that you are never too old to grow up, just young enough to learn something new and right on time to do exactly what you feel called to do.  

I grew up in Taiwan and coincidently spent most of my childhood either running barefoot and exploring places a child should decidedly not explore or curled up in a banyan tree somewhere reading. I’m always keen to learn, and my curious and explorative nature is why I’ve found myself on every random adventure of life, including the one that landed me in St. Louis for my MBA.

Some adventures include working for a senator and a governor to see if I wanted to work in public policy. I positively impacted each organization by researching future policy initiatives, interacting with the Boise community, and solving constituent needs. I explored nonprofit work by working for the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, where I helped organize a virtual global summit that hosted 22,000+ attendees with a team of five people. Post-grad, I worked as a grant manager for a research department, watching research, fact-finding, and exploration in real time. 

Experiential learning

While at Olin, I’ve had the extraordinary chance to continue this kind of experiential learning, one in which I served on a nonprofit board, helping them develop their strategic plan. One in which I’ve worked with three companies to improve the efficiency of their operations is the Boeing Center for Supply Chain Innovation. One in which I held the position of VP of Academic and Professional Development, helping host panels and working with Olin administration to support my peers. Finally, I learned about restaurants in Barcelona and operations in Santiago. 

Chicken soup for a curious and explorative soul. 

While I’ll miss these jam-packed 24 months, looking at what’s ahead and seeing how my MBA has equipped me to move forward is equally (if not more) exciting. 

My mom is correct (as she always is). Growing up is a journey that takes a lifetime, and the experiences we have along the way allow us to learn new things to fulfill our vocations. So, when I grow up, I want to cross that stage and get my diploma. After that,  you can find me back home in Taiwan to explore more before returning to St. Louis to start full-time with Barry Wehmiller in their Packaging Division. And after that? Who knows.

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