Staff Spotlight: Meet Byron Gregory, SMP Academic Advisor

  • April 22, 2024
  • By WashU Olin Business School
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Byron Gregory is a student affairs and academic advisor for the Graduate Programs Office, working with students in Olin’s specialized master's programs. Gregory shares insights about his work—as well as his love of rock climbing:

From Wazzu to WashU

I advise SMP students, mainly in the customer and healthcare analytics tracks. I have had the pleasure of working at Olin since 2023. I thoroughly love my work and the opportunity to walk alongside, serve and support our students in their professional and graduate studies. Our students’ perseverance constantly inspires me to help them pursue their education amid all the various things that may happen in their lives. Before coming here, I was an academic advisor on the West Coast at Washington State University. I guess there is just something about those “Washington” schools.

Higher ground

Outside of serving and interacting with our students, colleagues and peers, I am a big fan of the outdoors. Adventuring and exploring in various ways, one of the biggest over the years has been rock climbing. I’ve traveled to exciting places and met even more interesting people through rock climbing and outdoor pursuits.

I love spending time with my family. We’re from Tennessee, and my family is in Tennessee (hence, I’m a fan of all Tennessee sports teams). While I have had the chance to live in a few different places, I love being able to go back home and visit. I am also a dog dad to a pup named Nala.  I found her on a rock climbing trip seven years ago, and we’ve been adventuring ever since. I love my life, the work and the relationships I get to have here at Olin.

Byron has always been incredibly proactive and supportive throughout my academic journey. His approach is about finding solutions and empowering me to see challenges as opportunities for learning and growth. This unique perspective has made a significant difference in my experience, and I believe it sets Byron apart as an exceptional advisor and mentor.  

Alayna Song, SMP


For students navigating the program, Byron provides support and direction in addition to his role as an academic advisor. Not only does Byron have extensive knowledge and experience in academic advising, but he also has a unique way of combining kindness and humor that makes every conversation fun and memorable.  

Chenzhou Wu, SMP

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