EMBA alum heads to Fudan Shanghai for more classes and connections

  • June 20, 2024
  • By WashU Olin Business School
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Xin Wei, EMBA 2021, is a WashU Olin graduate who is having a big impact in St. Louis.

He’s the founder (with his family) of Corner 17 restaurant, which has locations in the Delmar Loop and in the WashU library building. Their karaoke lounge, The W Karaoke, is a high-style part of the nighttime scene on Delmar.

Wei recently enhanced his business education with elective courses through the WashU EMBA program at Fudan Shanghai. Here, he discusses why he made the trip back to the classroom, and what he took away from the experience:

What made you decide to return to the EMBA program to take elective courses—and to take them in China?

Xin Wei

The WashU EMBA program at Fudan Shanghai provides an opportunity for me to meet people from different industries in China. These students are industry experts, and I can learn so much from their experiences.

Returning to school is not only about learning new knowledge but also about making connections. Fudan is one of the top universities in China, and being able to attend Fudan was one of my dreams when I was little. I am so grateful that the WashU EMBA program allows me to spend the whole summer in Shanghai with so many talented people who came from top companies in China, including Alibaba. 

What have you learned that you think will have the greatest impact on your career and business?

We run the restaurant business in the United States, and there are tons of unique restaurant concepts in China. Vicky Ni, senior student and alumni affairs manager at the WashU-Fudan EMBA program, helped to connect me with Shanghai alumni who run restaurants in China. We learned so much about each other. I mean it is a great experience being able to exchange our own experience and learn new restaurant technology from these people.

How did your classmates in Shanghai Fudan enhance your experience there?

I actually made a deal with one of my classmates. He owns a manufacturing factory in China, and we are going to order food packages from him. 

Can you share your most memorable experience from this trip?

All new students were putting a show together at the opening ceremony. Professors and students were singing karaoke together. It was an amazing night. 

Do you have advice for EMBA graduates who are considering coming back to school for further education?

Never stop learning. Go out there to meet people from different backgrounds and industries. If you have opportunities, go abroad with the WashU EBMA program and you will see what you don't see in your comfort zone.

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