Bitten by Inspiration: Tim Solberg

  • Season 2, Bonus Episode 1
  • June 7, 2022
  • 13 minute listen

Bitten by Inspiration: Tim Solberg

“We're going to start connecting the dots of financing and research, starting with the toxicology department at WashU Medical.”


What happens when inspiration strikes in the most unsettling of ways? WashU Olin’s Tim Solberg tells how a medical emergency led to a global student project. What could happen next?

Episode Notes

During On Principle’s regular season, we tell the stories of business leaders navigating tough calls and pivotal moments. Between seasons, we share bonus episodes that delve deeper into earlier interviews, elaborating on research, scholarship and experience about values-based, data-driven decision-making.

When we first talked to WashU Olin finance professor Tim Solberg in October 2021, we sought his input for our season 2 On Principle episode “The Inspiration.” Our focus was on real estate developer Steve Smith and the winding path behind City Foundry, his retail and commercial development in midtown St. Louis.

In the course of our conversation, we learned how Solberg was bitten by inspiration for another project. And we’re not speaking metaphorically. In today’s bonus episode, we revisit that conversation and learn how a medical emergency led to research in three continents and a toxicology authority at the University of Arizona.

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