Welcome to On Principle, Season 2

  • Season 2, Episode 0
  • January 11, 2022
  • 6 minute listen

Welcome to On Principle, Season 2

​Peering behind the scenes with leaders making tough calls.


How do you recover from a multimillion-dollar mistake while your company is expanding and your technology is ailing? How do you capitalize on unusual sources of inspiration? When is a handshake deal ever good enough? How do you plan strategy during a crisis? These are some of the questions we explore, thanks to the business leaders who share their stories in season two of On Principle. We’ll have eight more episodes that put you inside the C-suite or out on the street as our guests confront these challenges. And, as usual, WashU Olin academics lend their expertise, add context and drive home the takeaways.


In this trailer, you hear the voices of (in order):
  • Paula Crews, senior associate dean of strategy and marketing for WashU Olin Business School
  • Alaina Maciá, CEO of MTM, Inc.
  • Steve Smith, CEO of Lawrence Group
  • Ivan Garcia, co-founder of Garcia Properties


This podcast is brought to you by Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis. Contributors include:
  • Katie Wools, Cathy Myrick and Judy Milanovits, creative assistance
  • Jill Young Miller, fact checking and creative assistance
  • Hayden Molinarolo, original music, sound design and editing
  • Nate Sprehe, creative direction, production and editing
  • Angie Winschel, production assistance
  • Olivia Hanford, social media
  • Lexie O'Brien and Erik Buschardt, website support
  • Mark P. Taylor, strategic support
  • Paula Crews, creative vision and strategic support

Special thanks to Ray Irving and his team at the Olin Center for Digital Education, including our audio engineer, Austin Alred.

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