On Principle Live! Now what?

  • Season 3, Bonus Episode 3
  • July 11, 2023
  • 35 minute listen

On Principle Live! Now what?

“It was the lack of management and oversight and budget control that just made me say, something's not right here.”


The voices in today's bonus episode may be familiar to On Principle listeners. They're voices from previous guests, sharing stories about some major “Oh, shoot!” moments they confronted in their businesses. They came together for a special "On Principle Live!" event at WashU Olin Business School on September 1, 2022, called "Now What?" The event was the first of our Leadership Perspectives events for the academic year.

Featured Guests

  • Alaina Macía. An Olin MBA alum and president and CEO of MTM, a nationwide non-emergency medical transportation service provider.
  • Angel Likens, third-generation president of Bogey Hills Country Club, a St. Charles, Missouri, institution since 1962.
  • Jason Wilson, an Olin Executive MBA alum, coffee entrepreneur and owner of Northwest Coffee Roasting Company.
  • Gerard Craft, St. Louis chef and restaurateur and owner of Niche Food Group, with eight restaurants in St. Louis and one in Nashville.


This podcast is a production of Washington University in St. Louis’ Olin Business School. Contributors include:

  • Katie Wools, Cathy Myrick, Lesley Liesman and Judy Milanovits, creative assistance
  • Jill Young Miller, fact checking and creative assistance
  • Hayden Molinarolo, original music and sound design
  • Mike Martin Media, editing
  • Sophia Passantino, social media
  • Lexie O'Brien and Erik Buschardt, website support
  • Paula Crews, creative vision and strategic support

Special thanks to Ray Irving and his team at WashU Olin’s Center for Digital Education, including our audio engineer, Austin Alred.

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