Anne Marie Knott

Robert and Barbara Frick Professor of Business

Anne Marie Knott

Anne Marie Knott

Professor Knott's research examines the optimal environment and policies (economic, industrial and firm) for innovation, and is best summarized in her book, How Innovation Really Works (March 2017). This interest stems from issues arising during an earlier career in defense electronics at Hughes Aircraft Company. Prior to joining Olin, Professor Knott was an Assistant Professor of Management at Wharton.

Area of Expertise

Business/Corporate Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Growth, Technology Management, Business/Corporate Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Growth


  • Ph D 1996, UCLA, Anderson Graduate School of Management
  • MBA 1986, UCLA, Anderson Graduate School of Management

Academic/Professional Activities

  • Member, Academy of Management
  • Member, American Economic Association
  • Editor, Senior Editor, Strategic Management Journal
  • Member, Strategic Management Society
  • Member, US Association of Small Business & Entrepreneurship
  • Other, Wharton Financial Institutions Center
  • Other, Strategy Research Initiative
  • Other, Strategy Research Forum


  • Atlanta Competitive Advantage Conference, Best Paper Award
  • College on Organizational Dissertation Proposal Award, Second Place, INFORMS
  • NSF Award 0965147: Firm IQ: A Universal, Uniform and Reliable Measure of R&D Effectiveness
  • NSF Award 1246893: The Impact of R&D Practices on R&D Effectiveness
  • 2015 Winner- Olin Award: Research That Transforms Business, Olin, 2015
  • SBA Best Student Paper, U.S. Small Business Administration, 2005
  • Award of Distinction, Emerald Reviews, 2004
  • Finalist - Award for Innovative Entrepreneurship Teaching Pedagogy, U.S. Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship, 2002

Research Interests

Innovation, R&D, entrepreneurship

Personal Interests

Professor Knott loves theatre, live music, movies, cooking and skiing. She plays tennis, owns a set of golf clubs, and keeps pretending she'll learn to surf.

Selected Publications

  • "R&D Returns Causality: Absorptive Capacity or Organizational IQ", Management Science, Issue 12, 2054-2067, 2008
  • "Entrepreneurial Risk and Market Entry", Management Science, Issue 9, 1315-1330, with Xun (Brian) Wu, 2006
  • "Is Failure Good?", Strategic Management Journal, Issue 7, 617-641, with Hart Posen, 2005
  • "Persistent Heterogeneity and Sustainable Innovation", Strategic Management Journal, Issue 8, 687-705, 2003
  • "The Organizational Routines Factor Market Paradox", Strategic Management Journal, Issue 10, 929-943, 2003
  • "The Dynamic Value of Hierarchy", Management Science, Issue 3, 430-448, 2001
  • "RQ Innovative Efficiency and Firm Value", Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Issue 5, 1649 - 1694, with M. Cooper, W. Yang
  • "Reconciling the Firm Size and Innovation Puzzle", Strategic Management Journal, Issue 2, 245-434, with Carl Vieregger, 2020
  • "An Innovation Theory of Headquarters Value in Multibusiness Firms", Organization Science, Issue 1, 19-39, with S. Turner, 2019
  • "Outside CEOs and Innovation", Strategic Management Journal, Issue 8, 2095-2119, with Trey Cummings, 2018


Anne Marie Knott