Ashley Hardin

Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior

Ashley Hardin

Ashley Hardin

Ashley Hardin joined the Organizational Behavior Area at the Olin Business School in the fall of 2017. She received her PhD in management and organizations at the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business, where she developed her interests in interpersonal dynamics at work. Her core research agenda centers around personal knowledge (i.e., information about the nonwork lives of colleagues) within organizations, advancing our theoretical understanding of how individuals manage their work-life boundaries and how those choices impact interpersonal relationships within the workplace. Her portfolio of work is designed to answer four particular questions: how individuals learn about colleagues’ lives outside of work; how this knowledge alters relationships at work; what the individual, team, and organizational consequences are of the resulting interpersonal dynamics; and finally how the organizational context influences these processes.

Prior to pursuing her PhD and joining Olin, Professor Hardin worked as a Senior Associate Consultant for Bain & Company and the Bridgespan Group.

Area of Expertise

Organizational Behavior, Team Development, Negotiation


  • Ph D 2017, University of Michigan
  • BA 2009, University of Michigan

Academic/Professional Activities

  • Editorial Review Board Member, Academy of Management Review
  • Editorial Review Board Member, Organization Science
  • Editorial Review Board Member, Academy of Management Journal
  • Editorial Review Board Member, Human Relations


  • Professional MBA Reid Teaching Award - Elective, 2023
  • Emerson Excellence in Teaching Award, Emerson, 2020
  • Gladys D. and Walter R. Stark Fellow for Academic Excellence, 2016
  • Outstanding Reviewer Award, Academy of Management, MOC Division, 2016
  • Outstanding Reviewer Award, Academy of Management, OB Division, 2016
  • Rackham Predoctoral Fellow, 2016
  • Gerald & Lillian Dykstra Fellow for Teaching Excellence, 2015

Research Interests

Relationships, Affect, Work-Life Boundaries, Unethical Behavior

Selected Publications

  • "Different Roots, Different Fruits: Gender-Based Differences in Cultural Narratives about Perceived Discrimination Produce Divergent Psychological Consequences", Academy of Management Journal, Issue 6, 1804-1834, with L.P. Tost, J.W. Robertson, F. Gino, 2022
  • "Show me the ... family: How photos of meaningful relationship reduce unethical behavior at work", Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 93-108, with C. Bauman, D. Mayer, 2020
  • "Why You Should Encourage Employees to Display Family Photos at Work", Harvard Business Review, with Chris Bauman, David Mayer, 2020
  • "The interpersonal costs of dishonesty: How dishonest behavior reduces individuals’ ability to read others’ emotions", Journal of Experimental Psychology, Issue 9, 1557-1574, with J. J. Lee, B. Parmar, F. G. Gino, 2019
  • "Cooperation in multicultural negotiations: How the cultures of people with low and high power interact", Journal of Applied Psychology, Issue 5, 721-730, with S. Kopelman, C. G. Myers, L. P. Tost, 2016
  • "Respect as an engine for new ideas: Linking respectful engagement, relational information processing, and creativity among employees and teams", Human Relations, Issue 6, 1021-1047, with A. Carmeli, J. E. Dutton, 2015
  • "Compassion At Work", Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior, Issue 1, 277-304, with J. E. Dutton, K. M. Workman, 2014