David Ahn

Professor of Economics

David Ahn

Professor Ahn is an economic theorist working in voting theory, mechanism design, game theory, and especially decision theory. Prior to joining Olin, he was Professor in the Department of Economics at UC Berkeley.

Area of Expertise

Economics, Microeconomics/ Industrial Organization, Political Economy


  • Ph D 2004, Stanford University
  • BA 1999, Emory University
  • MA 1999, Emory University

Academic/Professional Activities

Editor, Associate Editor, Econometrica

Selected Publications

  • "Incentives and Efficiency in Constrained Allocation Mechanisms (in revision for Econometrica)", with Joseph Root
  • "Uncertainty from the Small to the Large", Journal of Economic Theory, 105367, with Wenfeng Qiu, 2021
  • "Naivete about Temptation and Self-Control: Foundations for Naive Quasi-Hyperbolic Discounting", Journal of Economic Theory, 105087, with Ryota Iijima, Todd Sarver, 2020
  • "Behavioral Characterizations of Naivete for Time-Inconsistent Preferences", Review of Economic Studies, Issue 6, 2319-2355, with Ryota Iijima, Yves Le Yaouanq, Todd Sarver, 2019
  • "On Path Independent Stochastic Choice", Theoretical Economics, Issue 1, 61-85, with Federico Echenique, Kota Saito, 2018
  • "Approval Voting and Scoring Rules with Common Values", Journal of Economic Theory, 204-301, with Santiago Oliveros, 2016
  • "The Condorcet Jur(ies) Theorem", Journal of Economic Theory, 841-851, with Santiago Oliveros, 2014
  • "Preference for Flexibility and Random Choice", Econometrica, Issue 1, 341-361, with Todd Sarver, 2013
  • "Combinatorial Voting", Econometrica, Issue 1, 89-141, with Santiago Oliveros, 2012
  • "Framing Contingencies", Econometrica, Issue 2, 655-695, with Haluk Ergin, 2010