David Meyer

Senior Lecturer in Management

David Meyer

David Meyer

Before joining Olin, Meyer was a Professor of Sociology at Brown University.

Area of Expertise

Business/Corporate Strategy, East Asian Business, Economic Development, International Business, Banking and Financial Institutions


  • Ph D 1970, University of Chicago
  • MS 1967, Southern Illinois University
  • BA 1965, Concordia Teachers College

Academic/Professional Activities

  • Other, Graduate Studies, Department of Sociology, Brown University
  • Other, Urban Studies Program, Brown University
  • Editor, Associate Editor, Journal of Historical Geography
  • Other, Economic Growth Center


  • National Defense Education Act Title IV Fellowship, 1967
  • National Science Foundation Summer Fellowship, 1966
  • National Science Foundation Traineeship, 1966
  • Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, 1963

Teaching Interests

International business, Asian business networks, global economy, Africa business

Research Interests

Financial networks, Asian financial networks, Chinese business networks, Asian business centers

Personal Interests

Professor Meyer lives in St. Louis with his wife, and graduated from high school here. His daughter and son both have their MBAs. He takes advantage of the many delights in St. Louis and is an avid sports fan. Travels take him to Asia, to California to visit his son and family, and to Zurich, Switzerland, to visit his daughter and family. For reading pleasure, he likes junk novels, especially mystery and spy thrillers.

Selected Publications

  • "Working Together: Elite Global Financiers and Senior Government Officials", Economic Diplomacy, Issue 1, 42 - 55, 2023
  • "Bank of China International in Hong Kong: Social Status and Network Access", 43-67, 2017
  • "Hong Kong and Singapore Exchanges Confront High Frequency Trading", Asia Pacific Business Review, Issue 1, 63-89, with George Gurnsey, 2017
  • "Shenzhen in China's Financial Center Networks", Growth and Change, Issue 4, 572-595, 2016
  • "Hong Kong's Enduring Global Business Relations", 60-91, 2016
  • "Global Exchanges in the HFT Nexus", 171-194, with George Guernsey, 2015
  • "The World Cities of Hong Kong and Singapore: Network Hubs of Global Finance", International Journal of Comparative Sociology, Issue 3, 198-231, 2015
  • "Private Wealth Management in Asia", Handbook of Asian Finance: Financial Markets and Sovereign Wealth Funds, 17-36, 2014
  • "The Banking Networks of Asian Financial Centers", Handbook of Asian Finance: Financial Markets and Sovereign Wealth Funds, 37-52, 2014