Giselle Antoine

Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior

Giselle Antoine

Giselle Antoine

Prior to earning her doctorate, Giselle spent a decade teaching and managing academic departments at universities in Saudi Arabia. The cultural brokerage experience of translating eastern management philosophies to her western subordinates sparked her interest in research on cross-cultural management.

Area of Expertise

Organizational Behavior


  • Ph D 2022, Foster School of Business
  • MA 2015, Durham Business School
  • BA 2006, Columbia University

Teaching Interests

With over 15 years experience in higher education, I've taught I variety of subjects including Leadership & Teams, Organizational Behavior, and Management 300. I am most passionate about teaching global leadership and cross-cultural management.

Research Interests

My research explores the cultural forces that shape beliefs about what is considered right and wrong behavior, how people respond to wrongdoings emotionally, and how emotional cultures influence beliefs about appropriate responses to wrongdoing. Overall, my research seeks to expand understanding of how cultural beliefs influence our behavior and judgments of others in the workplace.

Personal Interests

cycling, travel, photography

Selected Publications

  • "You are what you eat: How and when workplace healthy eating cultivates coworker perceptions and behaviors.", Journal of Applied Psychology, Issue 9, 1459–1478, with Trevor Watkins, Amanda Patel, 2021


Giselle Antoine