Hillary Anger Elfenbein

John K. Wallace, Jr. and Ellen A. Wallace Distinguished Professor and Professor of Organizational Behavior

Hillary Anger Elfenbein

Hillary Anger Elfenbein

Prior to Olin Business School, Hillary Anger Elfenbein was an Assistant Professor at the University of California at Berkeley, and a Senior Researcher at the Harvard Business School. Before beginning work on her PhD in Organizational Behavior, Hillary worked at Monitor Company management consulting for two years, and spent half a year doing nonprofit work in India.

Area of Expertise

Leadership, Leadership Development, Negotiation, Organizational Behavior, Negotiation


  • MA 2001, Harvard University
  • Ph D 2001, Harvard University
  • BA 1994, Harvard University
  • BA 1994, Harvard University

Teaching Interests

Behavioral Science; Leadership; Organizational Behavior

Research Interests

Emotions in the Workplace, Negotiation, Personality

Personal Interests

Reading, bicycling, and chasing after her two sons.

Selected Publications

  • "More than a Phase: Form and Features of a General Theory of Negotiation", Academy of Management Annals, Issue 1, 318-356, with Daisung Jang, William Bottom, 2018
  • "On the Role of Personality in Negotiation: A Multi-Method Study of Conscientiousness", with Daisung Jang, Jasmine Huang, William Bottom, Andrea Schneider
  • " Interpersonal accuracy in relation to culture and ethnicity", 328-349, with Elizabeth Luckman, 2015