Jacob Feldman

Associate Professor of Supply Chain, Operations, and Technology

Jacob  Feldman

Jacob Feldman

Jake recently finished his PhD in the school of Operations Research and Information Engineering at Cornell University.

Area of Expertise

Inventory Control, Production Planning, and Scheduling, Revenue Management


  • Ph D 2015, Cornell University
  • BS 2010, Harvey Mudd College

Research Interests

Assortment optimization, customer choice models, revenue management, approximation algorithms, machine learning

Personal Interests

A native of the Bay Area, Jake loves his Oakland Athletics and San Francisco 49ers. He also enjoys kicking the soccer ball around and traveling. He was able to combine these two interests when he attended the 2014 World Cup in Brazil!

Selected Publications

  • "Revenue Management under a Markov Chain Choice Model", Operations Research Journal, Issue 5, 1322-1342, with Huseyin Topaloglu, 2017
  • "Assortment Optimization and Pricing under a Nonparametric Tree Choice Model", Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 550-565, with James Davis, Alice Paul, 2018
  • "A New Class of Revenue Management Problems with Overbooking and No-Shows: Shoring up Trust between Shippers and Carriers in Maritime Container Shipping", with Panos Kouvelis, Yunzhe Qiu
  • "The Tokenvendor Problem: Tokenizing Cargo Reservations under Overbooking and No-Shows", with Panos Kouvelis, Yunzhe Qiu, Fasheng Xu
  • "Bounding Optimal Expected Revenues for Assortment Optimization under Mixtures of Multinomial Logits", Production and Operations Management, Issue 10, 1598-1620, with Huseyin Topaloglu, 2015
  • "Capacity Constraints Across Nests in Assortment Optimization Under the Nested Logit Model", Operations Research Journal, Issue 4, 812-822, with Huseyin Topaloglu, 2015
  • "Appointment scheduling under patient preference and no-show behavior", Operations Research Journal, Issue 4, 794-811, with Huseyin Topaloglu, Nan Liu, Serhan Ziya, 2014