Kaitlin Daniels

Assistant Professor of Supply Chain, Operations, and Technology

Kaitlin Daniels

Kaitlin Daniels

Kaitlin Daniels joined Olin in 2016 as an Assistant Professor of Operations and Manufacturing Management. Her research focuses on the operations of gig-economy platforms (e.g. Uber) and the resulting impact on consumer and service provider welfare.


  • Ph D 2017, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
  • BS 2011, Duke University


  • M&SOM Best Paper Award Finalist, 2020
  • M&SOM Meritorious Service Award, 2020
  • M&SOM Best Paper Award Finalist, 2019
  • M&SOM Meritorious Service Award, 2019
  • M&SOM Best Paper Award Finalist, 2018
  • M&SOM Meritorious Service Award, 2018
  • Management Science Distinguished Service Award, 2018

Research Interests

gig/sharing economy, self-scheduling capacity, platform operations, contract design, service operations

Selected Publications

  • "The Role of Surge Pricing on a Service Platform with Self-Scheduling Capacity", Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, Issue 3, 337-507, with Gerard Cachon, Ruben Lobel, 2017
  • "Matching Technology and Competition in Ride-hailing Marketplaces", Management Science, with Danko Turcic
  • "Congestion in the Age of Uber: Medallion Management and Taxi Hailing Technology", Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, with Danko Turcic
  • "The Impact of the Gig-Economy on Financial Hardship among Low-Income Families", with Michal Grinstein-Weiss
  • "Trying and Failing: Biases in Donor Aversion to Rejection", Production and Operations Management, Issue 12, with Leon Valdes, 2021
  • "Platform Data Strategy", Marketing Letters, Issue 4, 323-334, with Hemant Bhargava, Olivier Rubel, Elizabeth Altman, Ramnik Arora, Jorn Boehnke, Timothy Derdenger, Bryan Kirschner, Darin LaFramboise, Pantelis Loupos, Geoffrey Parker, Adithya Pattabhiramaiah, 2020