Lingxiu Dong

Professor of Supply Chain, Operations, and Technology; Frahm Family Chair of Supply Chain, Operations, and Technology

Lingxiu Dong

Lingxiu Dong

Ling Dong's research interests in supply chain management include control and design of supply chain and the use of operational flexibility in various supply chain environment. Her most recent research in integrated risk management focuses on the joint use of operational and financial instruments to manage supply chain risk, technology-enabled innovation, and sustainability.

Area of Expertise

Management Science, Math Programming, Inventory Control, Production Planning, and Scheduling


  • Ph D 1999, Stanford University
  • MS 1995, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Bachelors of Engineering 1993, University of Science & Technology of China

Academic/Professional Activities



Kleiner Perkins, Mayfield, Sequoia Capital Fellowship, Kleiner Perkins, , 1997

Teaching Interests

Management Science - Prescriptive Analytics; Supply Chain, Operations, and Technology - Information Technology and Supply Chain Management

Research Interests

Operational flexibility, Integrated risk management, operations-finance interface, technology-enabled supply chain innovation, sustainability, food supply chain.

Personal Interests

Professor Dong enjoys books, movies, music, and travel.

Selected Publications

  • "On the Integration of Production and Financial Hedging Decision in Global Markets", Operations Research Journal, Issue 3, 470-489, with Q. Ding, Panos Kouvelis, 2007
  • "Blockchain-Enabled Deep-Tier Supply Chain Finance", Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, with Yunzhe Qiu, Fasheng Xu
  • "Two-wholesale-price Contracts: Push, Pull, and Advance-Purchase Discount Contracts", Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, Issue 3, 291-311, with K Zhu, 2007
  • "3D Printing and product Assortment Strategy", Management Science, Issue 8, with Duo Shi, Fuqiang Zhang, 2022
  • "Food Safety Control in the Developing Economies: Centralization vs. Decentralization", with Iva Rashkova, Duo Shi
  • "Global Facility Network Design with Responsive Pricing", Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, Issue 2, 278-298, with Panos Kouvelis, P Su, 2010
  • "Markets for Surplus Components with a Strategic Supplier: Implications for Channel Profits", with E Durbin, 2002
  • "Who Benefits from Transshipment? Exogenous vs. Endogenous Wholesale Prices", Management Science, Issue 5, 645-657, with N Rudi, 2004
  • "Optimal Policies and Approximations for a Serial Multi-echelon Inventory System with Time-correlated Demand", Operations Research Journal, Issue 6, 969-980, with H Lee, 2003
  • "Efficient Supply Chain Structures for Personal Computers", with H Lee, 2000