Markus Baer

Vice Dean of Degree and Non-Degree Executive Education and Professor of Organizational Behavior

Markus Baer

Markus Baer

Prior to earning his doctorate, Professor Baer worked in the German automotive industry and was a member of the founding team of a university-affiliated start-up venture. His expertise lies in the areas of creativity and innovation.

Area of Expertise

Leadership Development, Motivation, Innovation and Growth, Diversity, Organizational Change and Development, Team Development


  • Ph D 2007, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • MA 2000, University of Giessen, Germany

Academic/Professional Activities

  • Editor, Editor of Special Issue, Journal of Product Innovation Management
  • Editorial Review Board Member, Academy of Management Journal
  • Editor, Associate Editor, Journal of Product Innovation Management
  • Editor, Associate Editor, Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal


  • Research Fellow, Judge Business School, Cambridge University, 2020
  • Editorial Board Outstanding Reviewer, Academy of Management Journal, 2015
  • Undergraduate Reid Teaching Award, 2014
  • Editorial Board Outstanding Reviewer, Academy of Management Journal, 2013
  • Undergraduate Reid Teaching Award, 2013
  • Undergraduate Reid Teaching Award, 2012
  • World's 40 Best Business School Professors Under 40 , Poets & Quants, 2011
  • Marcile and James Reid Award for Scholarly Excellence ($5,000 awarded), 2009
  • Olin Award with co-authors Kurt Dirks and Jackson Nickerson ($10,000 awarded), Richard Mahoney, 2009

Research Interests

The determinants of the various activities (i.e., problem formulation, idea generation, idea evaluation, solution implementation) comprising creativity and innovation in organizations.

Personal Interests

Professor Baer enjoys hiking in impassable places, doing bootcamp in the St. Louis fall, and following European Soccer (except for teams that José Mourinho coaches).

Selected Publications

  • "A recipe for success? Sustaining creativity among first-time creative producers", Journal of Applied Psychology, 100-113, with Dirk Deichmann, 2023
  • "Getting to the root of things: The role of epistemic motivation and construal levels in strategic problem formulation", Strategy Science, Issue 4, 284-299, with Chan Hyung Park, 2022
  • "Zoning out or breaking through? Linking daydreaming to creativity in the workplace", Academy of Management Journal, 1553-1577, with Erik Dane, Hector Madrid, 2021
  • "CEOs’ regulatory focus and risk-taking when firms perform below and above the bar", Journal of Management, Issue 7, 1980-2008, with Matthew Mount, 2022
  • "Quantum leaps or baby steps? Expertise distance, construal level, and the propensity to invest in novel technological ideas", Strategic Management Journal, 1490-1515, with M. P. Mount, M. J. Lupoli, 2021