Nicolae Garleanu

H. Frederick Hagemann Jr. Professor of Finance

Nicolae Garleanu

Nicolae Garleanu

Nicolae Gârleanu is a Professor of Finance at the Olin School at Washington University. Most of Professor Gârleanu’s research is in the area of asset pricing, where he concentrates on various facets of liquidity and the extent to which consumption and production dynamics are consistent with asset returns. His papers have been published in such journals as Econometrica, the American Economic Review, the Journal of Political Economy, the Journal of Finance, the Review of Financial Studies, and the Journal of Financial Economics. Some of these papers received best-paper awards, including the Utah Winter Finance Conference Best Paper Award (2011), the Blackrock/Brennan Award for Best Paper in the RFS (2012), the Smith Breeden Prize for the Best Paper in the Journal of Finance in areas other than corporate finance (2012), the AIM Investment Center Best Paper Award (2016), the Brattle Prize for the Best Paper in the Journal of Finance in corporate finance (2018), and the Ross Prize in Financial Economics (2020).

Area of Expertise

Asset Pricing, Finance/Investments, Financial Economics, Option Pricing


  • Ph D 2002, Stanford University
  • BA 1997, University of Pennsylvania
  • MA 1997, University of Pennsylvania

Academic/Professional Activities

  • Editor, Associate Editor, Journal of Financial Economics
  • Editor, Associate Editor, Journal of Economic Theory


  • The Ross Prize in Financial Economics, 2020
  • Brattle Group Prize (distinguished paper), JF in Corporate Finance, 2018
  • AIM Investment Center Best Paper Award, AIM, 2016
  • Smith Breeden Prize (first prize), JF, 2012

Selected Publications

  • "Efficiently Inefficient Markets for Assets and Asset Management", Journal of Finance, Issue 4, 1663-1712, with Lasse Heje Pedersen, 2018
  • "Dynamic Portfolio Choice with Frictions", Journal of Economic Theory, 487-516, with Lasse Heje Pedersen, 2016
  • "Financial Entanglement: A Theory of Incomplete Integration, Leverage, Crashes, and Contagion", American Economic Review, Issue 7, 1979-2010, with Stavros Panageas, Jianfeng Yu, 2015
  • "Young, Old, Conservative, and Bold: The Implications of Heterogeneity and Finite Lives for Asset Pricing", Journal of Political Economy, Issue 3, 670-685, with Stavros Panageas, 2015
  • "Dynamic Trading with Predictable Returns and Transactions Costs", Journal of Finance, Issue 6, 2309-2340, with Lasse Heje Pedersen, 2013
  • "Displacement Risk and Asset Returns", Journal of Financial Economics, Issue 3, 491-510, with Leonid Kogan, Stavros Panageas, 2012