Peter Boumgarden

Koch Family Professor of Practice in Family Enterprise; Director of the Koch Family Center for Family Enterprise

Peter Boumgarden

Peter Boumgarden

Peter Boumgarden joined the Olin faculty in 2018. His research focuses on the role of structure- both formally and informally- in shaping the innovation of groups, organizations, and broader network systems. In addition to his academic work, Dr. Boumgarden has consulted and run executive education programs with organizations across sectors, often focusing on refining their strategic direction, enhancing leadership development, and cultivating routes to drive increased innovation.

Area of Expertise

Management Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Organizational Behavior, Organizational Design, Organizational Strategy, Team Development, Entrepreneurship, Negotiation, Organizational Design, Organizational Strategy


  • Ph D 2010, Washington University in St. Louis, Olin Business School
  • BA 2005, Calvin College


  • Ruch Faculty Scholar for Supporting Execellence in Research, Hope College, 2017
  • Entrepreneurial Mentor, National Science Foundation, 2015

Research Interests

Innovation, Organization Design, Organization Structure, Entrepreneurship, and Venture Capital

Personal Interests

Professor Boumgarden enjoys getting outside by way of running and biking, seeing the world in travel, and exploring the city of St. Louis.

Selected Publications

  • "Engineering Interaction: Structural change, locus of identification, and the formation and maintenance of cross-unit ties", with Steven Gray, J. Bunderson, John Bechara
  • "Sailing into the Wind: Exploring the Relationships Among Ambidexterity, Vacillation and Organizational Performance", Strategic Management Journal, Issue 6, 33, 587-610, with Jackson Nickerson, Todd Zenger, 2012
  • "Sailing Toward Exploration & Exploitation: Achieving Ambidexterity Through Organizational Vacillation", Strategic Management Journal, Issue 6, 587-610, with Jackson Nickerson, Todd Zenger, 2012
  • "Engineering interaction: Structural change, locus of identification, and the formation and maintenance of cross‐unit ties", Personnel Psychology, 599-622, with S. Gray, J. Bunderson, J. Bechara
  • "How a Cartoon Caption Contest Can Make You a Better Writer", 2015
  • "Structure and Learning in Self-Managed Teams: Why “Bureaucratic” Teams Can Be Better Learners", Organization Science, Issue 3, with J. Bunderson, 2010