Raphael Thomadsen

Professor of Marketing

Raphael Thomadsen

Raphael Thomadsen

Area of Expertise

Microeconomics/ Industrial Organization, Marketing Management and Strategy, Marketing Research, Pricing


  • Ph D 2001, Stanford University
  • A.M. 1996, Stanford University
  • BA 1994, University of Wisconsin

Academic/Professional Activities

  • Other, Quantitative Marketing and Economics, January 2010 - present
  • Other, International Journal of Marketing Research, September 2012 - present
  • Other, Management Science


  • Distinguished Service Award, Management Science, 2013
  • Meritorious Service Award, Management Science, 2012
  • Distinguished Service Award, Management Science, 2011

Research Interests

Pricing, Product Design, Game Theory, Point-of-Sale, Marketing

Selected Publications

  • "Can Non-Tiered Frequency Reward Programs be Profitable?", Marketing Science, Issue 3, 508-526, with A. Gopalakrishnan, Yulia Nevskaya, Zhenling Jiang, 2021
  • "Profit-Increasing Consumer Exit", Marketing Science, Issue 6, 998-1008, with Amit Pazgal, David Soberman, 2013
  • "The Impact of Governmental Interventions on COVID-19 Spread and Consumer Spending", with Nan Zhao, Chong Bo (Zack) Wang, Song Yao
  • "You Can Benefit from a Rival's New Product"
  • "Effects of Income Distribution Changes on Assortment Size in the Mainstream Grocery Channel", Management Science, Issue 9, 5878–5900, with R.B. Arreola, Randy Bucklin, 2021
  • "Vertical Differentiation with Variety-Seeking Customers", Management Science, Issue 2, 390-401, with Robert Zeithammer, 2013
  • "The Impact of a Supreme Court Decision on the Preferences of Americans Regarding Abortion Policy", Management Science, Issue 9, 5405-5417, with Robert Zeithammer, Song Yao, 2023
  • "Behavior-Based Pricing in Vertically Differentiated Markets", Management Science, Issue 8, with Ki-Eun Rhee, 2017
  • "Forecasting the Spread of COVID-19 under Different Reopening Strategies", with Meng Liu, Song Yao, 2020
  • "Profit-Increasing Asymmetric Entry", International Journal of Research in Marketing, Issue 1, 107-122, with Amit Pazgal, David Soberman, 2016