Ronald King

Emeritus Professor of Accounting

Ronald King

Ronald King

Ron is an Emeritus Professor of Accounting at Washington University. While at Washington University he has taught accounting courses in the Undergraduate, MBA, and Masters of Accounting Programs. He now focuses his teaching at the Executive MBA level. His current research interests are in the area of teaching and learning. He has held various administrative positions including Senior Associate Dean of Faculty, Senior Associate Dean of Programs, and the Director of the Center for Experiential Learning. Ron received the Distinguished Faculty Award at Washington University’s Founder’s Day in 2012.

Ron is working to create more opportunities for people to participate in life adventures (events with optimal challenge combined with a personal story).

Ron received his PhD from the University of Arizona.

Area of Expertise

Accounting, Financial Reporting, Training and Development


Ph D 1986, University of Arizona

Academic/Professional Activities

Other, (Missouri - Inactive)


  • Shanghai EMBA Reid Teaching Award - Various graduating classes , Washington University, 2023
  • Founder's Day Distinguished Faculty Award, Washington University, 2012
  • BSBA Reid Teaching Award, Washington University, 1987

Teaching Interests

Financial Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Metrics for business decision making, and Education practice and policy.

Research Interests

Teaching and learning, and the role of the modern business school.

Personal Interests

Professor King enjoys backpacking, listening to heavy metal music, tennis, and bicycling. He is married to Monica and they have two children, Bracken and Tyler (both Washington University alums).

Selected Publications

  • "The PCAOB Meets the Constitution: The Supreme Court to Decide on PCAOB's Conformity with the Separation Powers Doctrine & Appointments Clause", Accounting Horizons, 2010
  • "An Experimental Investigation of Approaches to Audit Decision-Making: An Evaluation Using System-Mediated Mental Models"", Contemporary Accounting Research, Issue 2, 311-350, with Amy Choy, 2005
  • "Delegated bargaining in a competitive agent market: an experimental study", Journal of Economic Science Association, Issue 1, 22-35, with Amy Choy, John Hamman, Roberto Weber, 2016
  • "Mandatory Disclosure of the Engagement Partner's Identity: Potential Benefits and Unintended Consequences", Accounting Horizons, with Shawn Davis, Natalia Mintchik, 2012
  • "Why Care About China's Reporting System", with Mingchuan Ren, 2012
  • "Voting Rules for the FASB ", Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance, with Thomas Fields, 1996
  • "Product Cost Information & Cost-Based: An Experimental Investigation", Contemporary Accounting Research, with Mahendra Gupta, 1997
  • "Financial Reporting - First Take", with Earl Spiller, 2017