Xiang Hui

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Xiang Hui

Xiang Hui

I study the design of trust mechanisms and the economics of technology. My latest research focuses on designing quality certification and rating systems for digital platforms, and analyzing the economic and policy implications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain.

Academic/Professional Activities

Editorial Review Board Member, Marketing Science

Research Interests

Information Economics, Quantitative Marketing, Economics of Technology,

Selected Publications

  • "Scaling Smart Contracts via Layer-2 Technologies: Some Empirical Evidence", Management Science, with Will Cong, Catherine Tucker, Luofeng Zhou, 2023
  • "From High Bar to Uneven Bars: The Impact of Information Granularity in Quality Certification", Management Science, with Zekun Liu, Weiqing Zhang, 2023
  • "Raising the Bar: Certification Thresholds and Market Outcomes", American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, with M. Saeedi, G. Spagnolo, S. Tadelis, 2023
  • "Targeted Incentives, Broad Impacts: Evidence from A Large Digital Platform", with Meng Liu, Tat Chan, 2023
  • "The Value of Verified Employment Data for Consumer Lending: Evidence from Equifax", Marketing Science, with Tat Chan, N. Hamdi, Z. Jiang, 2022
  • "Facilitating Inclusive Global Trade: Evidence from a Field Experiment", Management Science, 2020
  • "Does Machine Translation Affect International Trade? Evidence from a Large Digital Platform", Management Science, with Erik Brynjolfsson, Meng Liu, 2019
  • "Adverse Selection or Moral Hazard: An Empirical Study", Journal of Industrial Economics, Issue 3, 610-649, with Maryam Saeedi, Neel Sundaresan, 2018
  • "Reputation Regulations: Evidence from eBay", Management Science, Issue 12, 3604-3616, with Maryam Saeedi, Zeqian Shen, Neel Sundaresan, 2016
  • "The Geography of Ridesharing: A Case Study of New York City", Information Economics and Policy, with Chungsang Lam, Meng Liu, 2021