Xiumin Martin

Professor of Accounting

Xiumin Martin

Xiumin Martin

Xiumin Martin joined Olin Business School in 2007 after graduating from the University of Missouri in Columbia. Before her work towards her doctorate degree Professor Martin worked at Deloitte and Touche Tohmatsu in Shanghai as an Auditor. She is an editor at The Accounting Review, and associate editor at Management Science.

Area of Expertise

Accounting, Corporate Governance, Financial Reporting, Corporate Governance, Corporate Governance


  • Ph D 2007, The University of Missouri - Columbia
  • MS 2003, Hong Kong Baptist University
  • BA 1995, Nanjing University

Academic/Professional Activities

  • Editor, Journal Editor
  • Editor, Journal Editor, The Accounting Review


  • Outstanding Teaching Assistant Scholarship, University of Missouri, Columbia, 2006
  • American Accounting Association Doctoral Consortium , American Accounting Association, 2005
  • Kenneth Dimmitry Fellowship, 2005
  • Outstanding Research Assistant Scholarship, University of Missouri, Columbia, 2005
  • Outstanding Research Assistant Scholarship , University of Missouri, Columbia, 2004
  • Hong Kong Society of Accountants Postgraduate Scholarship , Hong Kong Society of Accountants , 2002
  • Hong Kong Society of Accountants Postgraduate Scholarship , Hong Kong Society of Accountants , 2001
  • People's Education Scholarship , Nanjing University, 1993
  • People's Education Scholarship, Nanjing University, 1992
  • Ying Song Scholarship, Nanjing University, 1992

Research Interests

Financial accounting: voluntary disclosure, accounting information in assets valuation

Chen, D., Ma, Y, Martin, X., and Michaely, R. “On the Fast Track: Information Acquisition Costs and Information Production”. Accepted at Journal of Financial Economics.

Kaplan, Z., Martin, X., and Xie, Y. “Truncating Optimism”. Accepted at Journal of Accounting Research.

Bushman, R., Pacelli, J., Martin, X., and Gao, J. “The Influence of Loan Officers on Debt Contract Design and Performance.” Accepted at WFA 2017, Drexel University Corporate Governance conference 2017, and Chicago Financial Intermediation Conference 2017. Accepted at Journal of Accounting and Economics.

Chen, T., Levy, H., Martin, X., and Shalev, R. “Buying Products from Whom You Know”. Forthcoming Review of Accounting Studies.

Frankel, R., Kim, B., Ma, T., and Martin, X. “Bank Monitoring and Accounting Recognition: The Case of Aging-Report Requirements”. Forthcoming Contemporary Accounting Research.

Jiang, F., Lee, J., Martin, X., and Zhou, G. “Manager Sentiment and Stock Returns”. Journal of Financial Economics 132(1), 2019, 126-149.

Chen, C., Martin, X., Roychowdhury, S., Wang, X., and Billett, M. “Clarity Begins at Home: Internal Information Asymmetry and External Communication Quality”. The Accounting Review 93(1), 2018: 71-101.

Martin, X., and Shalev, R. “Target Firm-Specific Information and Acquisition Efficiency”.
Management Science 63(3), 2017: 672-690.

Personal Interests

Xiumin enjoys reading biographies, listening to classic and contemporary music, and home interior design.

Selected Publications

  • "Manager Sentiment and Stock Returns", Journal of Financial Economics, Issue 1, 126-149, with Fuwei Jiang, Joshua Lee, Guofu Zhou, 2019
  • "Pandora's Box or Placebo: Feedback in Bank Holdings of Mortgage-Backed Securities and Fair Value Accounting", Issue 52, 153, with Gauri Bhat, Richard Frankel, 2011
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  • "Uncle Sam’s Stimulus and Crypto Boom", with Jeremy Bertomeu, Xin (Sheryl) Zhang
  • "Avoiding Peer Information and Its Effects on Charity Crowdfunding: a Field Experiment with Instrumental Variables Design", Management Science, with Tat Chan, Zengwei Wang, Li Liao
  • "Do Firms Adjust Their Timely Loss Recognition in Response to Changes in the Banking Industry?", Journal of Accounting Research, Issue 1, 159-196, with Todd Gormley, Bong Kim, 2012