The Center for Digital Education

Our world-class education gives you the flexibility to learn anywhere, anytime. And that educational experience should be every bit as engaging as the on-campus classroom. We've designed a proprietary, personalized learning platform to keep you connected wherever you are.

Learning the Digital Way

Who we are, what we do and how it all comes together creates an online experience that sets Olin apart and sets you up for success.

Cutting-Edge Learning Formats

From initial analysis to content development to final delivery, instructional designers work closely with faculty to develop curriculum, whether for a brief online learning component, a fully online course or complete degree programs.

Video and multimedia experts also contribute to create rich media resources that promote and support your learning. Located in the heart of the school in Bauer Hall, our studio and recording facilities include audio and webinar suites, green screen studios, and digital publishing capabilities. These resources enable the Center for Digital Educatio (CDE) staff to team with faculty and other experts to produce exceptional video, audio and multimedia content.

Publishing specialists work to deliver content on time and to the highest standards, including copyediting, adherence to CDE house style, and full copyright and accessibility checking.

Engaging, Insightful Content

Together with the CDE's full-time eLearning support team, our professors and instructors collaborate to create compelling experiences that rival in-person learning for students, alumni and others in terms of course content and engagement.

Quality and Inclusivity

The CDE is committed to making WashU Olin’s online experiences inclusive to all and compliant with ADA regulations. By continually improving our technology and broadening our menu of learning formats, we ensure that all with a desire to learn can do so comfortably and safely.

Digital Learning by the Numbers


15,000+ hours

of media produced


11,000+ hours

of webinars produced


110 years

of experience among CDE team members

The online learning experience was world-class. The learning portal is extremely well-designed and implemented. It made it easy to navigate through modules, integrated multimedia such as videos nicely and supported classroom discussion, all through a responsive, easy-to-use interface.

WashU Olin online student participant

Innovation in Digital Education

Our CDE experts stay abreast of digital education trends and technology to deliver course content in the most engaging ways possible.