Engaging with the Boeing Center creates a high-return investment for all—from industry practitioners and the academic community to current and prospective Olin Business School students. Our mission is to provide value and disseminate information to companies, academics, and students.

Member Institutions

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Boeing Center Advisory Board

Janine Burkett

Roel Vestjens

President & CEO
Belden Inc.
Selin Malkoc

Eric Carlson
VP Operations & Supply Chain
Anne Marie Knott

Emily Oberlee
VP, Global Supply Chain
West Pharmaceutical Services
Cliff Holekamp

Jessica Stephan
Logistics Director - Bunge North America
Radha Gopalan
Brett Caplice
Vice President of Global Strategic Pricing & Risk Management
Judi McLean Parks

Tom Meyer
Vice President - Engineering and Materials
Hunter Engineering
Kurt Dirks

David Montecalvo
In transition from the Board 2022-2023
West Pharmaceutical Services
Andrew Knight

Raphael Gutierrez
Global Planning Excellence Head
Dan Elfenbein
Jaya Subramaniam
Vice President Operations & Compliance
Quallent Pharmaceuticals Health
Matt Gordon

Matt Gordon
Vice President, Inbound Logistics
Anheuser-Busch InBev
Kurt Dirks

Jill Peluso
In transition from the Board 2022-2023
Andrew Knight

Fred Perreand
VP - Global Supply Chain Operations
Dan Elfenbein
Chris Pickett
In transition from the Board 2022-2023
Anheuser-Busch InBev
John Horn

Marcelle Pires
Global Supply Chain Network Design Strategy Lead
Kurt Dirks

Deborah Slagle
Head of Biologics Technology Cluster
Andrew Knight

Mike Woerner
Director - Finance
Edward Jones

Alix Catalanotto

Celeste Player
Vice President and General Manager, Strategic Drug Sourcing & Contracting
Express Scripts
Matthew Ecker

Matthew Ecker
Supply Chain Manager / Software Architect
Hunter Engineering
Kurt Dirks

Steve Georgevitch
Senior Director - Global Services Supply Chain Strategy & Integration
Andrew Knight

Mario Morhy
In transition from the Board 2022-2023


  • As a member company, BCSCI will partner with you to discover, develop, and bring to practice the capabilities necessary to achieve global excellence in supply chain, technology, information, and manufacturing. Our success is tied to industry's ability to provide timely, high-quality, low-cost products that consistently exceed customer expectations. You can gain access to networking events, expertise, seminars, lectures, solutions, and talent.
  • To academics, BCSCI offers access to a collaborative and consultative community of fellows, students, and faculty. The ability to attend seminars and conferences to present research in process or enjoy a front row seat for the next breakthrough. We are known by the company we keep: Scholars from Carnegie Mellon University, London Business School, MIT, Stanford University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Toronto, UCLA and others collaborate with us. However, few schools engage in the type of knowledge dissemination at Olin’s level of intensity.
  • For students, BCSCI provides a destination for those with supply chain, technology, information, and manufacturing questions looking to deepen connections or expertise. Prospective and current students from doctoral level and undergraduates to those seeking executive education can participate in Practicums or attend courses to learn at a deeper level. Feel the pulse of the supply chain and operations community by getting involved with BCSCI.

Become a BCSCI member company to:

  • Engage in industry-sponsored student projects that address your technology, information, and supply chain management challenges.
  • Gain talent from a stream of well-rounded graduates who have balanced technology understanding, manufacturing capabilities, and supply chain and process management skills.
  • Support curriculum development and teaching, including executive skills, graduate degrees, and executive education seminars on supply chain, operational excellence, and business-needed innovation, which enhance managerial capabilities and experiences.
  • Conduct applied research on information technology and manufacturing management in support of global technological and manufacturing excellence.
  • Access to state-of-the-art research and teaching excellence.
  • Exchange best practice interchange among member companies, practitioners, and academics.

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