​Professional Training & Certification

Supercharge your career

The Boeing Center offers a robust portfolio of professional training courses and certificate programs designed to accelerate your career to the next level. Choose from 2 management certificates and 4 skill certificates, or select options from our menu of à la carte training courses.

Certificate Programs

Boeing Center Certificate Programs arm you with theoretical and practical knowledge essential for any supply chain professional.

We offer
Skill Certificates in a variety of topics designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary for career advancement. Excellence Certificates are 6 days each and cost $5,750.

We also offer
Management Certificates in two different tracks that indicate the participant has acquired knowledge of the leadership, strategy, and skills necessary to become an effective manager of people and teams. Management Certificates are 10 days each and cost $9,550.

À La Carte Training

Boeing Center Professional Training courses are designed by our expert faculty to give you the skills necessary to expand your knowledge base and become a valuable member of your organization. À la carte courses are 2 days each and cost $920 per day.

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