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Center for Customer Analytics and Big Data

Big data is big for businesses today. From massive sets of customer data, executives now employ sophisticated technology and analytical skills to unlock strategies that boost the bottom line across every industry and corporate function—from consumer goods to healthcare, from sales and marketing to logistics and manufacturing.

What is the CCABD?

Businesses are awash in big data, tracking consumer spending patterns, employee efficiency, logistics, and more. Marketers, technologists, sales specialists, and CEOs now find opportunities to improve business efficiency, customer experience, and profitability by mining these giant data collections and uncovering the patterns buried within.

The Center for Customer Analytics and Big Data (CCABD) is Washington University’s hub for research, innovation, and applied knowledge in this burgeoning field. With the most up-to-the-minute analytical tools, training, software, and strategy, we show executives how companies arm themselves to compete in today’s market using big data.

Our mission statement says it very simply: To drive industry adoption of analytics-driven strategic decision-making.

CCABD Benefits

Our center connects business leaders with the expertise of Olin’s faculty, other University partners, students, and our corporate advisory board to develop and share research, host educational forums, and apply big data analytics to real-world challenges. The CCABD’s work is built on four cornerstones:
  • Workshops and conferences: The CCABD hosts an annual conference each October, focusing on the latest big data research, challenges, and best practices. Twice a year, the center organizes “immersion training” sessions for companies that engage with the CCABD at a variety of levels. These two-day courses ground business professionals in the principles of big data and customer analytics, keeping participants abreast of the latest trends and best practices.
  • Experiential learning: The CCABD collaborates with corporate executives to bring real-world business problems into the Master of Science in Customer Analytics curriculum. In 2015, Olin awarded its first MSCA degrees; graduates have drawn on the collaboration with the center and business partners for real-world experience.
  • Applied faculty research: We pair business leaders with faculty who are eager to advance knowledge and understanding in the field, while creating strategic solutions to actual industry challenges.
  • Research roundtables: The CCABD hosts twice-yearly presentations on cutting-edge research in the field, followed by roundtable discussions.

Director: Seethu Seetharaman, W. Patrick McGinnis Professor of Marketing

The Center for Customer Analytics and Big Data partners include the Technology and Leadership Center, the School of Engineering and Applied Science, Data and GIS Services, and the University Library.


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