Exposing Data-Driven Innovation

Explore industry needs, prioritize research findings and execute change.

Through CABI’s work and the Master of Science in Business Analytics program, we’re developing the first generation of subject-area experts who meld savvy business strategy with state-of-the-art technological know-how.

Research Roundtables

Research roundtables bring this cutting-edge research to life by providing interactive experiences between peers and industry experts on the latest trends. Research roundtables are available to all advisory board members and up to three guests of their choosing. Researchers present cutting-edge work in their fields, and one of the advisory board members is asked to be a discussant. Concludes with full room discussion.

Leading-Edge Research

The real-world data sets in the hands of CABI firms offer rich material for Olin faculty. Collaborating with our faculty on their research can advance knowledge in the field by experts who are setting the pace in big-data research. They’re harnessing gigantic data sets from sources as varied as supermarket scanners, user-generated online product reviews, e-commerce sales results, internet-connected wearable devices and more.

Applied Research

Beyond the research, learn the application. Through membership in CABI, partners learn how cutting-edge research enables them to solve business problems that were insurmountable before. New research has already revealed previously opaque connections between product categories, unleashed strategies for predicting consumer behavior and exposed cost-saving efficiencies in manufacturing and logistics. See how faculty research is successfully deployed across a wide range of industries.

For example, businesses are stimulating sales for one product by promoting complementary products. They’re efficiently pairing nurses and hospital patients, streamlining staffing models and saving money. They’re refining models to provide differential pricing across different geographies with different demographic segments of customers.