Anjan Thakor, WFA-CFAR Director, Director of Doctoral Programs and John E. Simon Professor of Finance

​​WFA-CFAR Finance and Accounting Conferences

WFA-CFAR brings the most exciting research being conducted in finance and accounting to Olin Business School, and into the domain of practitioners.

WFA-CFAR brings together students, alumni, faculty, and professionals from the Olin Business School community and beyond to share cutting-edge research, discuss current topics in finance and accounting, and network through a number of events, including the following conferences:

WFA-CFAR and Journal of Financial Intermediation Conference

Recently, the WFA-CFAR and JFI Conference highlighted research on the evolution of the financial services industry since 2009 in light of the changing regulatory landscape and information technology advances. Specifically, how credit provision by the financial services industry and banks’ trading behavior have evolved since the financial crisis and how this evolution has been affected by information technology, regulation, contracting frictions that have given rise to credit exclusion and alternative forms of non-bank finance ( including informal financing), unconventional monetary policy , and the continued development of shadow banking.

Corporate Finance Conference

Each autumn, Olin Business School and WFA-CFAR serve as co-hosts for an annual Corporate Finance Conference that examines topics such as corporate investment decisions, capital structure, payout policy, mergers and acquisitions, corporate control and organization, corporate governance, private equity, banking and financial intermediation, and international issues in corporate finance. The conference includes a practitioner session where executives from the top companies participate in discussions analyzing today’s most important financial topics. The event also includes a PhD poster session with students from across the country.

Nick Dopuch Accounting Conference

Since 1988, the accounting faculty at Olin Business School have hosted a two-day annual accounting conference. Renamed in 2006 by Washington University and Olin to honor Professor Nick Dopuch, the purpose of this conference is to create an environment where accounting research is the focal point. Participants include faculty from renowned institutions as varied as MIT, University of Chicago, and University of Pennsylvania.

Summer School: Financial Intermediation and Contracting

The Summer School on financial intermediation and contracting is organized by the Finance Theory Group and the Wells Fargo Advisors Center for Finance and Accounting Research at Olin.

Held every other year, the Summer School provides an opportunity to learn from some of the brightest and best-regarded minds in the field. It’s an intensive, four-day program for doctoral students and university faculty in finance, economics, and related fields, who are interested in corporate finance, financial institutions, and financial markets. We welcome those looking to deepen their knowledge of these fields, whether they are theorists or empiricists.

The Summer School will cover a variety of topics related to financial intermediation and financial contracting. Speakers will present a half-day lecture, and participants will present contributed papers in presentation sessions.

Wealth & Asset Management Research Conference

The Wealth and Asset Management Research Conference convenes researchers and practitioners who share the common goal of better understanding the capital markets. The conference will feature emerging research from leading universities, discussed by industry experts, with the goals of providing researchers timely, real-world insights and facilitating market participant access to actionable research that can drive superior client outcomes.

This conference is targeted to:

  • Asset managers across all asset classes;
  • Wealth managers, traders, and investment bankers;
  • Capital Markets and Asset Pricing researchers at universities and in industry;
  • Advisory professionals responsible for investment strategy/asset allocation;
  • Regulators, policy makers and data providers; and
  • Executives responsible for pension and endowment management.


New events coming soon.