Executive Education Certificate Programs

Gain expertise, strengthen your leadership skills, improve your organization’s performance, or reward and develop your top managers.

Certificate programs provide the perfect opportunity for you or your team to learn from our world-class faculty and network with other accomplished professionals. Whether you choose to pursue a certificate delivered by WashU Olin or our partner WashU at Brookings you hone your skills and gain keen insights from innovative management practices. We have certificates tailored to many types of organizations—corporate, nonprofit, government, entrepreneurship and NGOs.

Find the Certificate That’s Right for You

  • Advanced Management Certificate

    The Advanced Management Certificate (AMC) is ideal for developing cross-functional business skills, including leadership, strategic thinking and business execution. You customize your certificate to fit your needs and goals. Earning the AMC requires completing 15 units.

    Delivered through WashU Olin

  • Certificate in Policy Strategy

    The Certificate in Policy Strategy (CPS) helps you understand when windows of opportunity for changing policy are likely to open, as well as which policy changes are likely to be feasible. This certificate doesn’t have a rigid timeline and can be finished as budgets allow. The CPS includes seven required courses and the taking a two-unit elective of your choice (policy-based or leadership-based).

    Delivered through WashU at Brookings

  • Certificate in Public Leadership

    Open to all US federal, state and local government employees, the Certificate in Public Leadership (CPL) empowers leaders with the skills and mindset to thrive in turbulent times. The CPL requires 15 total class units with a maximum of 5 units from policy courses that can be applied. It also requires taking the Ethics in Action: Leading with Integrity course. 

    Delivered through WashU at Brookings

  • Women’s Leadership Program STL

    Advance your career to the C-suite or enterprise level with the Women’s Leadership Program. With this cohort-based certificate, you learn how to make decisions confidently, exert power and influence wisely, negotiate strategically, and manage change effectively.

    Delivered through WashU Olin

    Womens Leadership Program Info Sheet

  • Women’s Leadership Program DC

    Share knowledge and experiences with high-performing women from diverse government agencies. You learn how to lead change in the Women’s Leadership Program from positions of formal and informal authority, acquire skills to negotiate successfully in any workplace situation, and enhance your ability to communicate with authenticity and impact. 

    Delivered through WashU at Brookings

    Women's Leadership Program Info Sheet

  • LEGIS Congressional Fellowship

    The LEGIS Congressional Fellowship attracts professionals from government agencies, businesses and nonprofits. This program includes an in-depth orientation that prepares you to serve as staff for a representative or senator or on a congressional committee. It’s a one-of-a-kind opportunity to see behind the scenes of the legislative process.

    Delivered through WashU at Brookings

  • Data, Analytics and Interpretation Certificate

    With this certificate, you gain a solid understanding about data, its usage and the impact it can have on an organization. The Data, Analytics and Interpretation Certificate presents several foundations for evaluating quantitative information and provides pragmatic approaches for understanding and using data, for good.

    Delivered through WashU Olin

The academic coursework has been directly transferrable to my day-to-day responsibilities at work.

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