Mark Leary, Interim Director of WFA–CFAR and Professor of Finance

Financial Consulting through WFA-CFAR

Engineer a new approach to your financial challenges through the Wells Fargo Advisors Center for Finance and Accounting Research (WFA-CFAR). ​​

Innovative solutions for your financial challenges

Olin Business School's WFA-CFAR Finance Consulting program combines the fresh analytical perspective of students in Olin's top-ranked Master of Finance program with the expertise of Washington University's distinguished finance research faculty. Students, faculty, and companies collaborate and use a variety of analytic tools to quickly solve complex and dynamic challenges unique to your organization.

A typical project takes approximately 10 to 15 weeks and culminates with a formal presentation, written summary, and often, a model that the client firm retains as its own intellectual property.

Enjoy 15 weeks of analysis at considerable benefit and value to your organization

  • A team of five to seven graduate students will provide a fresh perspective and a sophisticated analysis of your business problem.
  • Each team is supervised by a member of our PhD research faculty, providing the expertise and experience of some of the nation's finest finance scholars.
  • Each project also includes a separate client liaison faculty member who assists the consulting team with scoping the project and ensures that the team maintains a high level of client service, communicates effectively, and meets all project deadlines.
  • You are able to assess potential talent for your organization by working directly with your consulting team, rather than relying solely on interviews and second-hand recommendations.

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Finance Consulting Case Studies

  • Private equity allocation model (pdf): A university with significant endowment assets asked the WFA-CFAR team to develop a bottom-up allocation model for its private markets portfolio.
  • Home equity loan default study (pdf): A major national mortgage originator with a large home equity line of credit portfolio sought WFA-CFAR's help to model HELOC defaults and identify the determinants of defaults.
  • Portfolio rebalancing optimization study (pdf): A national wealth advisory firm asked WFA-CFAR to recommend rebalancing strategies for multi-asset class portfolios and analyze how mutual fund and exchange-traded advisory programs optimize rebalancing strategies.
  • Forward-looking equity returns projection study (pdf): A large national insurance company sought to produce a report containing equity forecasts for internal use and external distribution to clients.

For more information or to initiate a project, contact:
Timothy G. Solberg, CFA. Professor of Practice in Finance
Phone: 314-935-7270