Olin Behavioral Lab

Olin Business School enhances the productivity of behavioral research by maintaining a state-of-the-art experimental research lab and providing access to substantial participant pools.

The Reuben C. Taylor Computer Lab is the backbone of the Olin Behavioral Lab and consists of a network of computers that enables participants to take surveys, play games, and communicate with others.

Group rooms are ideal for conducting research on negotiations, group decision-making, or for holding meetings with your research team. Rooms are equipped with wall-mounted cameras, microphones, and speakers so that group interactions can be monitored, recorded, and directed from the control room.

The control room allows researchers to monitor and record their studies from a central location. Its computers come equipped with Noldus FaceReader for detecting and analyzing emotions from facial expressions.

The lab also provides laptops that can be checked out for conducting research in the field or classroom, a kitchenette, and secure storage for equipment and research materials.

Anyone interested in using the Olin Behavioral Lab should contact the research administrator at

Olin Participant Pools

Olin Business School requires students taking introductory courses to participate in three hours of research over the course of the semester. Their participation helps faculty and graduate students conduct research and continue generating knowledge that can ultimately be brought back into the classroom.

The Olin Behavioral Lab is also set up to manage research studies recruiting paid participants from campus and the St. Louis community. Anyone interested in participating in paid studies, when available, can sign up using the Olin Business School Research Participation website.

Both the student participant pool and the paid pool are managed by the Olin Behavioral Lab’s research administrator,