Alexander Haimann, MBA 2012

On the Olin experience:
People make the difference in whatever endeavor you’re involved in. I knew that before I came to Olin, but I definitely had an opportunity to put it into practice here. At Olin, I’ve had opportunities to interact with volunteers, teams, fellow students and practicum projects to achieve different types of goals and objectives. And I would say that that experience has been unique. It’s something that I would definitely take into the real world as essential to being able to succeed in any endeavor.

When I was being recruited to come here, we were sort of pitched and sold that the faculty is really accessible. But guess what? It’s really, really true. And it’s a place where if you want to do something or you want to change something, it’s not a question of "if" – it’s a question of "are you going to lead it?" And that’s what I’ve enjoyed most about being here at Olin.

On Olin's small community:
I was looking for a smaller class size. The fact that Olin is not an MBA factory where there are 4-5-6-700 students per year really attracted me to the program. It basically gave me this challenge: with 150 classmates I should be able to meet every single one of them and know all of them before I graduate. And it was a challenge that was doable – something that I can conceive of finishing.

Business Development, Less Annoying CRM, St. Louis
Associate Director, Center for Experiential Learning, Olin Business School
Marketing & Business Development Intern, Essilor of America

Pre-MBA employment: Smithsonian Institution

Education: B.A. Political Science, George Washington University, Washington, DC
Hometown: Bloomfield, Michigan