Ken Yamaguchi, MD, Executive MBA 2012

On the Olin experience:
What does the Olin Executive MBA mean to me? It means a wonderful educational experience of a life time. It means an opportunity to learn a whole different field that I was definitely unfamiliar with. I realize now that I didn’t even know it existed. It means a new way of thinking, an opportunity to meet great people, and a chance to really broaden my understanding of a lot of things that are important not just in business, but as it applies to medicine.

I can honestly say I did not pursue an executive MBA specifically for a career goal or some type of specific job offer. I did it mostly because I was really intellectually curious. I found it to be a potential challenge that I find enjoyable and I really wanted to learn just for learning’s sake. I knew multiple people who had done this program and just thought the world of it. Part of the mission statement is transforming individuals and that’s how they felt. They felt transformed by the process. This is a top-notch program. It is really as good as it gets.

On the Olin community:
Every time you’re in class you’re laughing quite a bit. There’s a lot of humor that goes around, coming from both classmates and professors. As a physician, it’s very nice to be among a large group of people that are exceptional and in a different world to see how they think and all the experiences they have. That’s an enriching type of environment for somebody who’s not normally in that world.

There are some common threads I’ve seen: the leadership qualities are the same in medicine as you see in business. The quality of your classmates is equal to the quality of the professors here. You’re meeting extremely interesting people who you can really learn from and who appreciate learning something from you too. And you get a pretty free exchange of ideas and thoughts and concerns and opinions.

Professor, Orthopedic Surgery, Sam and Marilyn Fox Distinguished Professor of Orthopedic Surgery Chief, Shoulder and Elbow Service, Washington University School of Medicine

St. Louis, MO