Miguel Ferreyra de Bone

MBA 2020
“Olin offered me the opportunity to exercise my leadership skills through an effective and interactive experiential approach to learning.”

“Olin offered me the opportunity to exercise my leadership skills through an effective and interactive experiential approach to learning.”

If there is one thing Miguel Ferreyra de Bone knows about his future, it is that he will be pursuing his passion for private equity investments. The Buenos Aires, Argentina, native has dedicated himself to his professional development by coming to Olin as a full-time MBA candidate.

Ferreyra de Bone will graduate with the class of 2020 and use his experiences to pursue his destiny both as an Olin graduate and industry veteran, with a resume boasting more than seven years of professional experience in the financial industry and an internship with HBM Holdings in St. Louis, Missouri.

Why he chose Olin

The unique curriculum and interactive experiential approach to learning that Olin offers appealed to Ferreyra de Bone the most.

“Our program is focused on the hard skills—like all the other MBA programs out there,” he said. “However, we spend much more time reflecting on who we are as leaders and ultimately as business-minded citizens.”

He notes that Olin offers dozens of opportunities to engage with global issues, polish communication skills and hone teamwork.

The world is a classroom

Ferreyra de Bone had the opportunity to travel the world as a part of his educational path, an experience that he says changed his life and will alter the way he makes decisions moving forward.

“In Israel, I saw how entrepreneurs are tackling issues that will generate global repercussions in society—like self-driving cars and their impact on the global economy,” he said. “In South Korea, I saw what the future will look like with the global adoption of 5G technology and its application in telemedicine, transportation and robotics.”

A unique experience

The facet of the Olin experience that Ferreyra de Bone is most proud of is the school’s approach to “talking and thinking about data without forgetting about our core values as a community,” he said. “Here your peers will hold you accountable and will ask questions if they see you ignoring our values rooted in excellence and integrity.”

On his favorite course

“Professor Minyuan Zhao, who recently joined Olin and teaches corporate strategy, generated phenomenal conversations in the classroom and challenged everyone in ways we haven’t seen in the classroom before,” says Ferreyra de Bone.

Commitment to a global approach

Ferreyra de Bone shares Olin’s belief that a global approach is best when forming the best possible education system. And more than anything, he believes in what Olin is providing him.

“Our MBAs are well-rounded professionals with an international mindset, and that is because 100% of our students’ study abroad and work with clients based outside of the United States,” he said. “I am convinced these experiential engagements will have a long-lasting impact on our careers no matter where we go next.”

Miguel Ferreyra de Bone, MBA 2020


MBA Internship: private equity investment, HBM Holdings

Pre-MBA: head of business development, Acrux Partners


Education: BA, commerce, Universidad de Salvador; international economics, University of Vermont

Hometown: Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Center for Experiential Learning

Global opportunities

Values-based, data-driven mindset

Olin's collaborative environment

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