​Enter Olin as a Freshman

At Olin, you’re admitted directly into the BSBA program as a freshman, which means you get a four-year business experience unique from other top business schools.

The early entry – offered by only a handful of business schools – makes you well-grounded in management methodologies and practices. You also have a more-targeted tool set when you apply for internships and full-time positions.

Freshman year

freshman video You begin the first semester of your freshman year with Olin’s specially designed Foundations of Business course. Taught by senior faculty members and BSBA program staff, the class functions as a springboard for your management education, introducing you to the major business disciplines; the interaction of these disciplines through the lens of entrepreneurship; and effective team formation and collaboration.

Student teams create hypothetical consumer products and use what they learn in class to design, produce, market, sell, and distribute these products. Final projects are displayed and presented during an end-of-course capstone session.

The course is your introduction to Olin's many opportunities for experiential learning.

Sophomore year

sophomore video During your sophomore year, you select your business major (or majors). You also take the Management Communication course, which develops your writing, oral presentation, and critical-thinking skills. As part of the course, you work in a small team of classmates on a communications issue for a real client.

Taught by the associate dean and director of the Weston Career Center, Building Your Career Foundation is a required course designed to help you develop your career plan and lifelong career-management tools. You begin with self-assessments and a clarification of professional goals, then move on to effective resume writing, interviewing preparation and techniques, and networking. You take advantage of Olin-exclusive resources to research industries and target companies.

You can take part in the Alumni Mentorship Program, which connects alumni to students interested in specific business disciplines or fields. Sophomore women can take part in the Women’s Mentor Program, which pairs students with female leaders who help them build hard and soft skills.

Your sophomore year is also a good time for pursuing hands-on learning opportunities and becoming a group leader of a student organization.

In preparation for your junior year, investigate immersion study programs in locations around the world.

Junior year

junior video As a junior, you hone in on the skills and knowledge to attain your career objectives. You build expertise in your specialty classes, explore additional electives, participate in an experiential-learning project with a client, study or intern abroad or in a major U.S. city, and target your career preparation.

Internships strengthen your résumé and provide insights into potential career paths. Network with recruiters and alumni at Meet the Firms events and Road Shows in major cities. Attend company information sessions and career fairs, and practice your interview skills with career advisors.

Learn more about Olin’s career services and resources.

Senior year

senior video Continue to fine-tune your leadership skills and complete your requirements with courses in your area (or areas) of study. Provide guidance in your student groups, mentor underclassmen, and serve as a teaching or research assistant for a university faculty member.

Use your internship experience to help focus your search for full-time employment. Apply for on-campus interviews, and tap into your professional network for job opportunities. Career advisors continue to be a valuable resource, whether you’re preparing for interviews or negotiating a job offer.

If you haven't already, explore entrepreneurial programs.


Even after you graduate, you’ll continue to reap the benefits of Olin’s reputation as a top business school.

Alumni are an integral part of the Olin community. Stay connected. Attend alumni events. Volunteer for business school activities. You’ll keep your management skills sharp, expand your professional network, and learn about new trends in business.

You'll also find that Olin offers ongoing support. After you graduate, you can still call on your advisors and mentors (faculty and staff) for advice about challenges on the job, career development tips, and graduate school recommendations.

Learn more about alumni resources.