BSBA Majors and Minors

Your choice in major and minor is important and guides the direction of your future career.

As an undergraduate pursuing your BSBA degree, consider how you want to mix your passions and interests together as you choose from our eight business majors.

You have more than a year to take classes and consider your options—you declare your business major (or majors) during your sophomore year. Once decided, you tailor your academic portfolio to your career interests and objectives.


You’re able to combine the majors listed below with majors or minors from WashU’s other schools, such as Arts & Sciences or the McKelvey School of Engineering, further personalizing your college education.
  • Accounting

    Prepare for your CPA exam and beyond with our STEM-designated Master of Accounting degree. Round out your academic experience with real-world learning opportunities and support from the WashU chapter of Beta Alpha Psi.

  • Economics and Strategy

    Actively engage in research and experiential opportunities as you immerse yourself in a curriculum that covers a broad spectrum of economic subjects, including game theory, research analysis and industrial economics.

  • Entrepreneurship

    Learn the business of starting a business. Elective course topics include the business of fashion, real estate finance and sports management, while a wide range of experiential elective courses give you opportunities to volunteer, consult and travel the world.

  • Finance

    Dive deep into a complex and competitive field, the expertise of which is valued around the globe. Course topics include venture capital practice, derivative securities, capital investments and quantitative risk management.

  • Healthcare Management

    Gain proficiency in one of our nation's fastest-growing industries—the business of medicine. In addition to core classes, you have the opportunity to take electives that address major concerns facing us today, such as medical ethics, the political economy of health and pharmaceutical personhood.

  • Marketing

    Our marketing major immerses you not only in the fundamentals of market research but also in such niche topics as business experiments, pricing strategies and innovations. Experiential learning opportunities allow you to learn the art and science of sales well before you graduate.

  • Operations and Supply Chain Management

    Prepare for a career in the increasingly complex global supply chain. Elective courses include data-driven optimization, marketing research and quantitative risk management.

  • Organization and Strategic Management

    Learn how to lead in any industry and shape the workplace of the future. Courses address the fundamentals of leadership as well as specific critical issues facing our organizations today, including government regulation, mindfulness and performance, and global strategy.

BSBA degree and business major requirements vary by graduation year:

Visit the Washington University online bulletin to view course descriptions.


Support your major (or majors) with one of Olin’s six business minors.
  • Business Analytics

    Complement your major field of study with courses addressing data management and analytics, financial technology, and people metrics.

  • The Business of the Arts

    Study the economic side of creating, buying and selling works of art with courses and experiential learning opportunities that touch on fashion, publishing, entrepreneurship and consumer behavior. Learn more about the Business of the Arts.

  • The Business of Entertainment

    Immerse yourself in the economics of a multidisciplinary juggernaut, the entertainment industry. Study financial, legal and brand management as they pertain specifically to media and hospitality, as well as niche topics like histories of media convergence and filmmaking.

  • The Business of Social Impact

    Gain the skills you need to be a vanguard of ever-growing sustainability efforts the world over with a broad range of courses covering climate change, social entrepreneurship, urban ecology and gender in society.

  • The Business of Sports

    Dive deep into the competitive field of sports economics with a core curriculum that covers management, analytics and marketing. Electives give you a glimpse into such specifics as legal issues in sports, brand management and sports entrepreneurship. Learn more about sports business.

  • International Business

    Make the world your classroom. This minor requires an international study abroad experience in addition to academic courses that address the economies of Israel, Australia, London and beyond.

Second Majors & Minors for Nonbusiness WashU Students

Washington University undergraduates from schools other than Olin can major, minor or take a fundamentals course in business.
  • Second Majors in Business

    Second majors in business for nonbusiness students include Accounting, Economics and Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Healthcare Management, Leadership and Strategic Management, Marketing, and Operations and Supply Chain Management.

    Requirements vary based on your graduation year:

    See course descriptions and more by clicking on the Majors tab in the WashU Bulletin and then clicking on "Second Majors for Non-BSBA Candidates."

  • Minors in Business for Nonbusiness Students

    Nonbusiness students also can minor in the following business areas: Accounting, Business Analytics, Business of the Arts, Business of Entertainment, Business of Social Impact, Business of Sports, Entrepreneurship, Finance, General Business, Healthcare Management, International Business, Leadership, Managerial Economics, Marketing, Operations and Supply Chain Management, Organization and Strategic Management, and Strategy.

    Learn the details by clicking on the Minors tab in the WashU Bulletin.

  • Courses for Nonbusiness Students

    You can learn the basics of business without committing to a second major or minor.

    MGT 200A: Business Fundamentals and Professional Competencies for Non-business Students provides skills essential in any industry—with corporate, entrepreneurial, nonprofit and government employers. WashU Arts & Sciences, engineering, design and visual arts majors can sign up through WebSTAC.