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​Tuition and Financial Aid

Students enrolled in the DBA program will be charged tuition based on the number of credit units of enrollment per semester. Tuition for the 2022-23 academic year is $1,860 per credit hour. Tuition rates change annually in the summer and will be updated on this site.

Health Insurance Requirement

Washington University has a health insurance requirement for all full-time, degree-seeking students. Under this requirement, students must either purchase the Washington University Student Health Insurance Plan or prove that they have adequate coverage through another plan. If a student does not demonstrate he or she has adequate coverage from another plan, the student will be automatically enrolled in the Washington University Student plan and billed accordingly. The cost of the Washington University Health Insurance Plan will be published once the rates are finalized.

You will be billed for tuition and fees prior to the beginning of each semester. Payments received by Washington University after the specified due date are subject to a late-payment fee.

An interest-free payment plan spreads yearly tuition payments over 10, nine or eight months. The deadline to enroll is August 1. There is a yearly administrative fee. For details visit the Student Financial Services website.

Students who receive company reimbursement, as well as those who receive other forms of financial aid, are responsible for payment of their tuition by the specified due date, at the beginning of each term. It may be necessary for you to apply for a loan or pay the cost out-of-pocket, until your federal loan and/or employer reimbursement funds become available.

Olin Financial Services

Olin financial services advisors are available to help you determine your need for aid and identify the best options. Visit the Olin Graduate Programs Financial Services website for more information.

We don't offer specific scholarships or special financial aid packages. However, financing in the form of student loans and work study may be available. All applicants are eligible to apply for financial aid early in the application process. Your eligibility for a particular form of financial aid is determined by a variety of factors, including your citizenship status and the program in which you intend to enroll.

Financial aid comes from a variety of sources, including the federal government, and public and private sources. Applicants are also encouraged to seek private scholarships.

Additional websites for private scholarships: