Earn Your Doctor of Business Administration

The Olin DBA program is a 72-credit-hour STEM-designated doctoral degree designed for those with a serious interest in finance, marketing research, or supply chain and operations.

Our Doctor of Business Administration prepares you to conduct applied research in specific business disciplines. It’s ideal for those students who have already established careers and want to advance their journeys in corporations, banks, government agencies and research-oriented consulting positions.


  • Location
    St. Louis
  • Duration
    4 to 6 years
  • Format
    On Campus
  • Start
  • Cost
    $1860/credit hr

The applied research that students learn in this program is specifically focused on:

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Supply Chain, Operations and Technology

At WashU Olin, you’ll find a collaborative atmosphere centered on industry-relevant applied research. This advanced graduate program crosses traditional boundaries and provides you the opportunity, under the guidance of faculty, for structured coursework along with focused, independent scholarly reading and research on important issues relating to business.


Applied Research Outside of Academia

The DBA is an advanced graduate degree that differs from a traditional PhD and extends beyond a master’s degree. In addition to developing the necessary skills to conduct applied research, the DBA is unique in its scope of study, approach to research and the definitive outcome.

While a PhD is intended for those who wish to pursue research careers in academia, the DBA is extended graduate study for those who wish to pursue careers involving advanced research skills in analyzing business problems. You develop research capabilities of a more applied nature, with more immediate real-world applicability than typical research pursued in the PhD program.

The DBA program is designed for industry professionals who plan to continue to working during the program. Classes are held on-site at WashU Olin. Emphasis is on collaborative research and top-tier teaching by faculty. There isn’t an online or distance component to our DBA program.

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