Our Professional MBA program has the same high academic standards, professors, and courses as our full-time MBA program.

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The same high standards, with greater flexibility

Our PMBA program has the same high academic standards, professors and courses as our Full-Time MBA program. The biggest difference is that you can take what you learn each evening and apply it immediately to your job. We focus on a collaborative learning environment not only among students but also among faculty and staff.

Core + Electives = 54 credits

Our curriculum is made up of 27 credit hours of core classes and 27 credit hours of electives. This ensures you gain a solid command of all functional business disciplines and an appreciation for Values Based, Data Driven decision-making.

Start with the core and advance from there.

During your first four semesters (summer included) you dive into comprehensive core courses that lay the groundwork in the functional areas of business—marketing, accounting, finance, data analytics, strategy and more. Because these courses are based on the latest research and practices, they immediately apply to today’s business challenges.

You take these core classes with your entering cohort. Within that group, we place you in smaller teams of four to five peers. These teams are designed to complement everyone’s professional and educational experience and expertise.

An unmatched 27 hours of electives

No other university in the area allows you as much freedom to delve into your areas of interest. Once you complete your core classes, the remaining 27 hours are up to you—and that includes both on-campus and online electives.

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Program speed and flexbility

Choose from on-campus and online electives on various days and times. You can speed up the program and finish your degree sooner rather than later. About 85% of PMBA students complete their degree within three years.

This flexible program accommodates students who must take all their courses remotely for an entire semester. And we allow up to three missed classes per course due to business travel, family matters or other relevant issues. You are provided a Zoom link to the missed class session in those cases.

Monday through Thursday, plus Saturday options. Electives are offered Monday through Thursday evenings. We also offer electives on Saturday mornings and afternoons.

Weekender and weeklong electives.

  • Weekenders = 1.5 credit hours, Friday through Sunday on select weekends. Weekenders are scheduled on weekends when core PMBA classes are not in session (between semesters/mini terms) so all students have an opportunity to enroll.
  • Week-long elective courses = 3 credit hours between semesters