​Part-Time MBA Student Perspectives

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Seed Service Advisor
Monsanto, St. Louis
“The unexpected benefit of attending Olin turned out to be the 25 to 30 new friends I’ve acquired. I didn’t anticipate the opportunity to learn from them and spend so much time with them after class and on the weekends.”
Senior Research Analyst
Summit Strategies
“Being at Olin just reinforces WashU’s status. All the best corporations in town send their employees here for an MBA. The caliber of people here makes it a world-class institution.”
Business Consultant
BJC Healthcare, St. Louis
“I had a baby at the end of my second year, and I’m still graduating on time!”
Real Time Software Engineer
“Global Management Studies (GMS) was truly a once-in-lifetime experience! I can’t stop talking about Japan and the 7-11 connection!”
Contract Design Agent
Ascension Health
“Olin opened the door for me. I started the program as a nurse, and now I’m in supply chain management.”
Assistant Vice President, Market Risk Consultant
Wells Fargo Advisors
“Olin has changed how I think. I use​d to think things were obvious, but now I see all the decision points and understand better how companies work, including my own.”