SMU student project group

​MS in Finance and MS in Applied Finance Curriculum

Global Master of Finance with SMU - Courses
Online Foundation Courses

This coursework is in addition to the required credits and is Pass/Fail.

FIN 510 Introduction to Finance
ACCT 560 Introduction to Financial Accounting

Summer Semester 1 at WashU (July to August, 6 credits)
All GMF students attend as a cohort.
FIN 532 Investment Theory (1.5 credits)
FIN 534 Advanced Corporate Finance I (1.5 credits)
FIN 524 Options & Futures (1.5 credits)
FIN 524B Derivative Securities (1.5 credits)
Fall Semester at SMU (August to November, 5 Credits)
Quantitative Methods and Economic Analysis (1 credit)
Hedge Funds (1 credit)
Financial Statement Analysis (1 credit)
Fixed Income Analysis (1 credit)
Financial Analytics & Innovation (1 credit)
Spring Semester at SMU (January to May, SMU, 4 Credits)
Financial Modelling and Analytics (1 credit)
Advanced Quantitative Methods & Economic Analysis (1 credit)
Advanced Financial Statement Analysis (1 credit)
Sustainable Finance & Alternative Investments (1 credit)
Summer Semester 2 at WashU (June to August, 18 credits)
All GMF students participate in the immersions as a cohort.
FIN 500U Financial Markets – Regulation, DC Immersion (3 credits)
FIN 500T Financial Markets – Institutions, NYC Immersion (3 credits)
FIN 500Y Private Equity Methods (1.5 credits)
FIN 523B Mergers & Acquisitions (1.5 credits)
FIN 530 International Finance (1.5 credits)
FIN 555 Risk Management & Insurance (1.5 credits)
FIN 532B Data Analysis for Investments (1.5 credits)
FIN 533 Real Option Valuation (1.5 credits)
FIN 534B Advanced Corporate Finance II (1.5 credits)
FIN 534C Advanced Corporate Finance III (1.5 credits)

Fall Semester 2 at SMU (August to December, 1 credit)
Internship/Capstone - Minimum 10 weeks internship (1 credit)
60 credits total required for program completion
45 credit hours taken plus 15 transfer credits (6 from SMU to WashU, 9 from WashU to SMU)
Academic Director – Todd Gormley, PhD

Prerequisites, Transfers, and Waivers

Applicants to the Global Master of Finance (GMF) program should have taken microeconomics, statistics, and calculus. Students will be required to take Foundation courses prior to starting the regular coursework in July.

Due to the compressed GMF format, students must complete all courses in the program; course waivers and transfer credits from other universities are not permitted.

Any transfer credits between Olin and partner schools must be a grade of B or higher, except for transfers from SMU to Olin, which must be a grade of C or higher.