​Lifelong Learning for Alumni

Learning is truly a lifelong journey, not a destination. That’s why Olin is ramping up opportunities for alumni to continue growing, both personally and professionally. It starts with giving you access to the impressive thought leadership coming out of Olin via engaging speakers and events, faculty research findings, career webinars, learning videos and more. We are committed to providing you with a variety of content that informs, challenges and opens your mind to new ideas.

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Andrew Knight“Our alumni are smart, curious and continually evolving. Whether they’re just starting out, transitioning to something new or well-established in their career, WashU Olin’s lifelong learning platform will be providing insight and academic value to support their success.”
—Andrew Knight

Position: Vice Dean for Education and Globalization and Professor of Organizational Behavior
Education: PhD, University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School
Years at Olin: 10
Courses taught: People Metrics, Foundations of Impactful Teamwork, Leadership Development, Organizational Research Methods
Research interests: Leadership, team dynamics, entrepreneurship, healthcare

Recorded Events

We’re capturing many of the speaking events here at Olin and across the country. Take a look at our library of livestream events that cover a variety of topics including innovation in healthcare, learning from failure, data responsibility and entrepreneurship.


Working with our Center for Digital Education, Olin will be creating original videos to bring you up to speed on important topics. Watch for videos on people and influence in organizations, startup ownership, and employee engagement and satisfaction.

Career Webinars

The Weston Career Center leads synchronous webinar sessions on a variety of subjects. Look for webinars on career and personal development subjects including assessments in the hiring process, navigating virtual work, career trends and personal branding.

Research Articles

Stay on the forefront of business by keeping up with Olin faculty’s research that impacts business. We’ve curated their most relevant research findings to keep you informed on the latest in business thought. You can also subscribe to our research newsletter.


Take a deep dive into a business case. Participants will review a case, choose a course of action, learn what courses of action others chose and finish with a debrief from an Olin faculty member.

Retrieving Data