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Advanced Management Certificate

Earn a credential designed by you that will deepen your business acumen, cultivate your leadership skill, and enable you to deliver more value in an ever-changing business world.

Adding the certificate to your résumé differentiates you in a competitive job market. The breadth of knowledge you’ve acquired creates value for every organization that hires you.

To earn the Advanced Management Certificate, complete five seminar days in three concentration areas (for a total of 15 units) within three years. Throughout the year in each concentration area, you’ll find a variety of offerings, including perennial favorites as well as hot new topics.

“Flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and HR-driven talent development highlight the certificate’s value proposition,” says Samuel Chun, assistant dean and director of Executive Education and professor of management practice. “Participants take individual seminars at their own speed, and in their own order to become better leaders, decision-makers, financial managers, project implementers, and performance coaches.”

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