Application Process

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  1. Application materials are accepted in American and British English.

    Our application for admission is hosted on a third-party system called ApplyYourself. This online application system is designed to walk you through the required steps, including how to electronically submit your Commitment Letter, Recommendation for Admission Forms, Copies of Mark sheets, and essays. Once you have registered and created a password, you can save your work repeatedly before you submit your final application
  2. Copies of degree certificate(s) and mark sheets should be uploaded into your application prior to submission. Official copies will need to be secured for your admissions interview.
  3. Provide two completed Recommendation for Admission Forms (PDF), preferably written by senior-level executives or immediate supervisors. The individuals writing the letters should include their knowledge of your professional achievements; potential for future managerial success; capacity to handle post graduate business education; and personal attributes such as motivation, integrity, and leadership ability. If you are self-employed, the recommendations may be completed by a colleague or client who you work with rather than a supervisor. The form may be submitted by email or through the online application system.
  4. Provide a Commitment/Sponsorship Letter from the appropriate officer at your organization. The letter should describe your employer's understanding of the time required to complete the program and the organization's agreement, if any, for financial support (Sample Commitment Letter PDF). If you are self-employed, write and submit a statement of self-commitment. This letter is submitted by email or through the online application system.
  5. After you have submitted all your supporting documents, a member of the Executive MBA Admissions team will contact you to schedule a personal interview with the Admissions Committee.

Please Note: All letters, transcripts, and mark sheets should be emailed or uploaded along with your online application. Official copies and your passport should be brought with you to your admissions interview.