Olin Business School's partnership with the Brookings Institution enriches your executive education experience.

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The Business of Policy: DC Immersion

Rub elbows with government decision makers. Talk, face-to-face, with legislators who vote on laws, administrators who set the domestic agenda, and power brokers who influence policy behind the scenes.

Only Olin provides a Washington, DC, immersion program in partnership with the Brookings Institution, one of the world’s most respected – and most quoted – think tanks.

You arrive in the nation’s capital on a Wednesday evening, with a full agenda, and stay through Saturday afternoon. Two courses – Business and Government, and Business and Society – form the backbone of this residency, which focuses on policy issues, government regulations, appropriation and budget processes, and legislative action.

Prospective speakers include current and former members of Congress, US governors, White House advisors, and administrators representing such organizations as the Federal Reserve and the Office of Management and Budget.

Round out your experience with a half day of sessions at the Capitol Hill Club; Capitol Hill and government embassy receptions; and a roundtable with renowned Brookings scholars.

In the course of it all, you establish high-level contacts crucial to your business and industry, learn the art and science of policy entrepreneurship, and determine where, when, and how to advance your own interests.

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