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From startup to C-suite, we help you reach the next level in your career.

The business world never stays still. Organizations are becoming global, more complex and more agile. Stakeholders want a larger say in their companies’ direction. Customers demand better value in products and services. Employers want professionals who can innovate as well as take charge of the enterprise. And managing change is now part of every executive’s job description.

Executive Leadership Coaching

Executive leadership assessments help you define your leadership style and better know your strengths and weaknesses. Certified leadership coaches provide personalized feedback to help you evolve your leadership abilities along the way. Coaching sessions map closely to what’s happening with EMBA curriculum, reinforcing and complementing what you’re learning in the classroom.

The leadership coaching process is designed to help you make career choices that fit your goals and aspirations, encourage continual professional development and discovery, and create value for your organization.  

Enterprise-Wide Management

To advance in your organization, you need to understand all the business disciplines and how they intersect to enhance overall performance. That knowledge, in turn, enables you to solve big-picture management problems quickly and effectively and to drive results for your people and organization. 

The Executive MBA program’s first-year curriculum teaches management fundamentals from a decision-maker’s perspective, and courses reinforce business functions’ interrelationships. 

Second-year themes dig in to high-priority management challenges, explore solutions to complex business problems, and promote entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship. In addition, the themes further integrate teachings from the core curriculum. 

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Furthering Global Perspectives

To compete in today’s business environment, you must possess an understanding of the forces that shape the world economy. WashU Olin’s executive education offerings broaden your business horizons so you can better comprehend the global marketplace.

During your second year in the program, you learn how to understand complex business issues from a global perspective, including international economics, cultural differences and challenges associated with the geopolitical landscape. More specifically, you evaluate growth opportunities and competitive threats affected by world events and disruptive technologies.

As part of the experience, you participate in the International Management Residency, where you study global markets, meet with senior representatives from multinational corporations and visit high-performing companies.

Executive Career Coaching

One-on-one coaching helps you get where you want to go.

One-on-one strategy sessions help you define your strengths, clarify your personal brand, improve your networking skills, become more confident and approachable, and leverage professional opportunities that are right for you.

Our Certified Career Management Coaches are generalists who can work with you regardless of function or industry. However, as their career backgrounds are quite varied, you always have the option to request a specific coach. There’s no cost for these services, and meetings are scheduled at times that fit your schedule. Learn more about our career resources for working professionals.

Furthermore, your WashU EMBA entitles you to lifelong, personalized career support and executive coaching throughout your professional career—and even a second career or retirement.

Meet our EMBA Career Experts

Don Halpin
Certified Career Management Coach
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Mary Houlihan
Certified Career Management Coach
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For All Types of Leaders

Whether you’re looking to advance your organization’s vision and values or want to start your own practice or business, Olin’s Executive MBA program enables you to quantify your decisions, mitigate risks, measure results and be even more successful.
  • Specialists

    You’re used to solving problems. You already have a degree in engineering, medicine, law or information technology, areas that require specialized skills. Add an Executive MBA to your resume—this program gives you tools to quantify your decisions, mitigate risks, and measure results.

    It positions you to advance your organization’s vision and values. Start your own practice. Improve patient care or customer satisfaction. Manage costs. And gain credibility with your officers and board of directors. 

  • Family or Private Business

    No one knows better than you about the ups and downs of running a family or private business. Management issues can be complicated and emotionally charged. And how you deal with them directly affects the success and sustainability of your enterprise.

    Olin’s EMBA program addresses the challenges of corporate governance, shareholder control, conflict resolution, compensation structures and succession planning. You acquire best practices that help your company clarify its vision and values, chart its strategic direction, reward all its employees fairly, and prepare its next generation of leaders.

  • Military

    As a member of the armed forces, you were trained to lead. The success of your missions, the lives of others serving, the safety of citizens and the reputation of your country depended on your competence, confidence, and integrity.

    You’re used to thinking strategically and driving performance. As a result, your military background is a natural fit for WashU Olin’s Executive MBA program.

  • Entrepreneurs

    Olin’s Executive MBA program promotes new-venture creation and idea generation. Residencies and core courses emphasize critical thinking, creative thinking and problem-solving. With a focus on growth, valuation, risk management, global and emerging markets, and innovation and entrepreneurship, plus innovative projects and capstone pitch presentations, you’ll be equipped to further your entrepreneurial journey.

Olin Business School has provided me with the necessary tools and resources to advance my career. I have acquired a deep understanding of business fundamentals, as well as critical thinking and problem-solving skills. This knowledge has allowed me to identify new career path opportunities within the organization that I may not have previously considered.

Delvin Walls, EMBA 2023
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Team EMBA: An Elite Network of Professionals

As an Executive MBA student, you are invited to join Team EMBA, a community of EMBA students and alumni who are committed to helping each other succeed.

  • Networking: Engage with EMBA classmates, and network with more than 1,000 EMBA alumni all over the world.
  • Job opportunities: Whether you’re looking for a new position for yourself or have a position to fill, Team EMBA is a great place to begin your search.
  • Articles and tools: Gain access to a variety of helpful topics, such as differentiating yourself in the marketplace, enhancing interactions with recruiters and employers, optimizing your LinkedIn profile, and more.

International Partnerships

Formed in 2002, the Washington University in St. Louis–Fudan University Executive MBA program became the first management-education joint venture in China. In 2014, Washington University and the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay announced another joint venture, which is the only executive MBA program in the world to confer a degree from both an American and an Indian university.