Recruiting Excellence

WashU Olin Business School seeks to enroll only the best qualified students who reflect the values of our institution. Quite often we find veterans like you match that description.​

Choosing an Olin graduate program helps you use the skills you garnered in the military to gain distinction in the business world. Olin propels you along your chosen path, taps into your already strong leadership skills and rounds out your business acumen.

Through our Values Based, Data Driven approach, we equip you to lead in knowing not only which problems require attention, but also which solutions will do the most good. With a WashU Olin degree, you’ll be prepared to thoughtfully make difficult decisions—the kind that can change the world.

As a student, you’ll discover that Olin opens doors. The network of connections and employment opportunities we cultivate benefit you during the program and beyond.

A Close-Knit Community

In the military, collaboration is a way of life. You're well versed in helping others achieve and stay mission-ready while simultaneously performing at your best. We mirror this focus in our graduate programs. You'll quickly become acclimated, building strong bonds with fellow students and faculty members. No matter what Olin program you choose, the emphasis on competition with self and the success of the team will resonate with you. It harkens back to the values you experienced during your years of service.

Career Outcomes

Your military training and service equipped you with valuable skills. These honed abilities served you then, distinguish you now and can transform your career tomorrow. By pursuing and completing a graduate degree program, you'll be poised to earn a position in upper management, C-suite level careers and beyond.

Veteran Support

Whichever program you choose, you'll have the support you need. We’ve worked to remove red tape that prevents you from securing the benefits you deserve. We have resources and staff in place to address your needs with financial services, the transition from military to civilian life for you and your family, networking during the career search, and more. Read more about career services for veterans.

An MBA or Master’s Degree Your Way

There is no single path to success. Veterans gravitate to our graduate programs because each is structured differently. In order to activate your potential and achieve your goals, we vary program lengths, courses and locations. You choose what works best for you today, and, in time, you arrive at your future.

ProgramFormatAverage LengthLocation(s)
Specialized Masters
Accounting, Business Analytics, Finance and Supply Chain
Full-time, with part-time options1 yearSt. Louis
Online Specialized Masters Programs
Certificate, Advanced Certificate and Degree in Business Analytics and Finance
Part time, evenings8 to 24 monthsOnline (synchronous and asynchronous)
Master of Business Administration (MBA)Full-time2 yearsSt. Louis
Online MBAPart time, evenings30 monthsOnline (synchronous and asynchronous)
Professional MBAPart-time, eveningsLess than 3 yearsSt. Louis
Executive MBAOnce a month
20 monthsSt. Louis, Shanghai, and Mumbai

Veterans and Olin Business School

Veterans seek out Olin Business School. You’ll discover Washington University is a place to apply your military experience and transform it in order to become a leader in the business world. We are honored to say each of our programs includes students from each branch of the military.

Fitting in and finding fellow service men and women on campus is not difficult. Organizations like the Olin Veteran Association and support from faculty and staff on campus connect you with other veterans and build interpersonal relationships among you.

Washington University’s Graduate Students and the Military*:

  • MBA 4.1%
  • PMBA 6.2%
  • EMBA 16.4%

*Percentages as a part of domestic students

Tuition Benefits for Vets

As a veteran, you served the United States selflessly and deserve the benefits you’ve earned. Washington University proudly supports the Post 9-11 GI Bill® and is a full participant in the Yellow Ribbon Program. If the US Department of Veterans Affairs determines that you are eligible for the Yellow Ribbon benefit, your Washington University tuition could be fully covered. In addition, we provide veterans with scholarships, fellowships and other assistance as necessary.

For assistance with tuition benefit information, contact or call 314-935-7301.

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at their official U.S. government website.