Activate Connections on Campus

The Olin Veterans Association (OVA) is an on-campus organization that aims to support, promote, and connect veterans studying at Olin Business School. Peer connections and a strong alumni network are integral parts of our students’ success in school and beyond; these connections for veterans are foundational.

The OVA fosters relationships among student veterans within the various Graduate Programs of the business school across the WashU campus. It also serves as a direct link to Olin alums and the business community. OVA members come from all military branches and a variety of ranks; however, the veterans share common ground through their history, training, and experiences.

Leadership of the OVA is a blend of Olin Business School faculty, staff, and elected students.

Benefits of OVA Membership

  • Transition support
  • Mentoring
  • Career support and advising
  • Network development and expansion
  • Community

Veterans involved in the OVA are invited to attend regularly scheduled events with fellow students, Olin alumni, and members of the business community.