​Perspectives from Military Alumni

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EMBA 2014
Chief Audit Executive
SCL Health, Broomfield, CO
“I was absolutely humbled by the talent of my fellow students. They were so smart, so accomplished.”
MBA 2014
Assistant Brand Manager
Nestlé Purina North America
In the MBA program, I learned how to dig into data, pull out actionable insights, and tell Nestlé Purina’s story in company projects and presentations.
MACC 2016
Director, Distribution, Inventory and Asset Management
University of Missouri System
“A lot of my classmates came from a more traditional accounting background, and they helped me a lot. We were all assets for one another during the program; we continue to be assets for one another today.”
EMBA 2015
Program Manager
Aegis Strategies
WashU is a school that’s committed to my success. Its participation in the Yellow Ribbon Program says to veterans: ‘We’re investing in you.’”
MBA 2011
Digital and Customer Experience Manager
“I was impressed by professors’ love of teaching and their willingness to engage with students one on one.”

MBA 2015
Associate Vice President, Investments, Kinnear Family Wealth Management Group
Wells Fargo Advisors
“Veterans need to visit the campus and check out the community.”