A Digital Learning Experience Like No Other

Our personalized learning platform keeps you connected and engaged … for life.

We want WashU Olin students to stay connected—to courses, classmates, instructors and the school. That’s why we created learn.WashU, a next gen, proprietary learning management system without parallel. From specially designed class sessions to robust communication tools to lifelong learning opportunities, you’ll remain engaged and continue to grow long after you leave your student days behind you.

Our innovative Center for Digital Education (CDE) is the driving force behind your digital experience. The center’s goal is to provide world-class eLearning support for the school, and that happens in many new and exciting ways: digital course design, online course delivery, lifelong learning modules, media production, faculty training and digital publishing.

Partnering with faculty for enhanced learning

CDE staff member offers tips for online instructional deliverySuperior digital learning starts with a partnership between faculty and the CDE’s eLearning support team. Together, they collaborate to create compelling learning experiences for students, alumni and others in and outside the WashU Olin community.

From initial analysis to development to final delivery, instructional designers work closely with faculty to develop curriculum, whether for a brief online learning component, a fully online course or complete degree programs.

CDE editor at work

Video and multimedia experts join instructional designers and faculty to create rich media resources to promote and support your learning.

Publishing specialists work to deliver content on time and to the highest standards, including copyediting, adherence to a CDE house style, and full copyright and accessibility checking.

State-of-the-art recording facilities

CDE greenscreen roomIn 2019, WashU Olin established the Center for Digital Education, a bold investment in developing world-class studio and recording facilities. Located in the heart of the school in Bauer Hall, these facilities include audio and webinar suites, green screen studios and digital publishing capabilities. These resources enable the CDE staff to team with faculty and other experts to produce exceptional video, audio and multimedia content.

“The online learning experience was world-class. The learning portal is extremely well designed and implemented. It made it easy to navigate through modules, integrated multimedia such as videos nicely, and supported classroom discussion, all through a responsive, easy-to-use interface.”
—WashU Olin online student participant

More about the CDE

Members of the WashU Olin community can access our resources at
CDE on OlinLinks

Center for Digital Education Fast Facts

  • 103 years
    aggregate team online learning experience
  • 9,146 hours
    webinar experience
  • 12,372 minutes
    media produced by CDE editors

Exceeding your expectations

Our commitment to a best-in-class digital experience is unrelenting. This framework guides how we approach the content we create and the engagement we promote. However you’re interacting with us, your digital experience will be:

  • Personal: Nothing is more important than your personal connection with the material. That’s why our instructors speak directly to the camera, present the material in interesting ways and encourage class participation.
  • Rich and Varied: The experts in the CDE are skilled at creating compelling material—from real-time interviews with business leaders and synchronous presentation to asynchronous modules and lifelong learning videos.
  • Interactive: The classroom experience is brought to life through online simulations, self-assessments, cases and discussion. You’re strongly encouraged to interact with your instructor and share your thoughts.
  • Networking: Knowledge sharing keeps your digital experience dynamic. Instructors bring together diverse teams of students for group projects, which facilitate learning and help you expand your network.
  • Communication: Communication is bolstered through asynchronous experiences like chat rooms, recorded videos, discussion boards and synchronous course experiences through Zoom sessions.
  • Engaging: To fully engage you, we create a rich, varied and interactive digital experience and foster strong connections to Olin, your instructors and your peers. Above all else, your full engagement is the best measure of our success.
  • Smart: Your digital experience is informed by what we’re learning ourselves about best-in-class online learning. We look at analytics and listen to your feedback, regularly evolving our digital delivery as necessary.
  • Simple: Above all else, our focus is on learning. Our greatest success is for you to have a superior, seamless experience each time you engage with us.